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Ammon – The four seasons – spring, summer, autumn and winter – are formed as a result of changes in the Earth’s position and axial tilt as it revolves around the Sun. These changes cause variation in the amount of light and heat reaching different parts of the Earth’s surface. Here the four seasons are formed:

1. Spring:
As the Earth orbits the Sun and passes most of its orbit (at the perihelion), the tilt of the Earth’s axis is tilted to the vertical, causing the Sun to rise approximately east and set approximately east. West. This causes a gradual increase in daylight hours and higher temperatures, leading to the onset of spring. In spring, plants begin to grow and bloom, and animals migrate and return.

2. Summer:
When the Earth is at the zenith of its orbit around the Sun (at the summer equinox), the tilt of the Earth’s axis is most inclined toward the Sun. Days are longer and temperatures are higher, bringing summer. The sun’s rays are direct and strongest in the hemisphere directed towards the sun.

3. Autumn:
As the Earth passes most of its second orbit (autumnal equinox), the Earth’s axial tilt begins to increase poleward again. This leads to a gradual decrease in daylight hours and temperatures, ushering in the onset of autumn. Around this time, trees begin to change leaf color and fall in preparation for winter.

4. Winter:
When the Earth is at the zenith of its second orbit (winter equinox), the Earth’s axis is tilted farthest away from the Sun. It shortens the days and the temperature drops, and winter begins. The sun’s rays hit the Earth at a slight angle in the hemisphere away from the Sun, making the days brighter and sunnier.

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It is this variation in the Earth’s position and the angle of its axial tilt that causes the formation of the four seasons and changes in weather and climate throughout the year.

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