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How do heat waves occur? Why so serious? | Science


The risk of heat waves has a direct impact on human health, especially due to their combination with humidity, with high humidity and low temperatures being more beneficial.

With different parts of the world suffering from extreme heat, even Southern Europe has started setting new records, and you will wonder about the reasons for this heat wave.

What is a heat wave?

To know it International Panel on Climate Change A heat wave is defined as a rise in temperature for anywhere from two days to a month. If the temperature is 7 degrees Celsius or more, it is usually called a “severe heat wave”.

This means that a heat wave in one country may not be a heat wave in another country. For example, in Britain last June, the temperature of 32.5 degrees Celsius was recorded much higher than this month’s rate. In the twenties, if graduation was the same as in Egypt or Saudi Arabia, it would have been completely normal, not a heat wave.

Heat waves occur when an area is affected by the air above it, between 3,000 and 7,500 meters (Shutterstock).

How is it formed?

Heat waves occur when an area is affected With the air height above that At a distance of 3 thousand to 7500 meters, to understand the idea, imagine that air pressure is like an iron load pressing on a person carrying it, this person being the air near the ground.

In general, when air is heated near the ground, its density decreases, then it rises and is replaced by cooler air, and so on.

But during a heat wave, intense pressure from above prevents the air near the Earth’s surface from rising, thereby increasing its temperature.

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In addition, the high pressure area represents a kind of insulator that prevents cold air from entering the outside and instead circulates around it, which prevents the temperature in the heat wave area from cooling down, so the temperature rises for this reason as well. Higher rates.

Why is it dangerous?

The danger of heat waves has a direct impact on human health, especially since they combine with humidity, with high humidity, low temperatures are more influential, and explain their so-called. heat index (heat index) This effect combines air temperature and humidity to try to determine what temperature a person actually feels.

Earth, heat wave, sun and high temperature environment with weather thermometer.  Climate change, hot weather, extreme weather concept.  Elements of this image provided by NASA
If the temperature reaches 41 degrees Celsius, heat cramps can occur and heat exhaustion can occur (Shutterstock).

For example, weather officials in your country may announce that the temperature today is 38 Celsius, and you feel it is 42 Celsius. This difference indicates the effect of humidity on increasing thermal sensation.

According to this indicator, the sensation of a temperature of 27 to 32 degrees Celsius means to be cautious, because it is possible for a person to get tired due to prolonged exposure to the direct sun.

If the temperature reaches 41°C, heat cramps may occur, and the person may develop heat exhaustion when exposed directly to the sun.

And he knows Heat stress It is the inability of the body to adapt to high temperatures, and as a result it is unable to cool itself, which causes symptoms that begin with thirst and dehydration, and can reach heat shock when suffering from severe headaches, loss. Concentration and dermatitis.

“Dangerous” and “very dangerous” conditions begin when the temperature rises from 41 Celsius to more than 54 Celsius, and in this case continuous exposure to sunlight is more dangerous, as heat stress can develop to levels that enter a phase. Complete unconsciousness with convulsions can eventually lead to death.

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