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How to make Google write your emails using a new AI tool


Posted by Heba El-Sayed

Sunday, June 18, 2023 03:00 AM

Achieving features Artificial intelligence For apps like Docs and Gmail, which have more users, Google has introduced a new “Write to Me” feature in Gmail that lets users compose emails.

What is the Help Me Write feature?

Help Me Write can create complete email drafts for you based on simple instructions, and it’s currently available as part of the Workspace Labs program, and you can sign up online to express your interest in joining the program.

How do you use the feature?

Here are the steps to get Gmail to write your emails using Google’s Write for Me tool:

Open Gmail and click Create

At the bottom of the writing window, click the “Help me write” button.

In the prompt box, type a short description of what you want to say in the email. For example, you can write “Write an email asking for leave” or “Send an email about not being able to attend the event.”

Click Create and Gmail will create a draft of your email.

The draft can be revised as needed.

Click the Insert option and click Submit when done.

Things to note

Google uses the power of artificial intelligence to save you time and energy when writing emails.

Write Me can help users write more effective emails

The more specific you are in your prompt, the better the results.

For example, instead of typing “email a colleague,” try writing “email my colleague Ryan about a presentation.”

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You can use the formal, expand, and default buttons to change the tone and length of your draft.

You can also use the Refresh button to create a new draft.

The writing tool for me is unable to understand all types of requests.

For example, he cannot write emails that require specific knowledge or experience.

Writing For Me I can’t write confidential or emotional email messages.

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