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How to reset Windows 7 password

How to reset Windows 7 password

How to reset Windows 7 password Via site OceanOne of the things that some people consider complicated and ineffective, but we will show you how to solve this dilemma in a few minutes using several methods so that the user can try the method that suits him in all the options available to him.

How to reset Windows 7 password

How to reset Windows 7 password

You can create a password recovery disk before creating a Windows 7 password so that you can forget your Windows 7 device password and change your account password using the password reset disk by:

Click Reset Windows 7 Password on the login screen. Connect the USB key or your CD and press Next. Do not forget to reset your new password and make it easy to remember next time, just click Next. After these steps, lock and reopen the device and you can easily enter your device after setting the new word.

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I forgot the Windows 7 password without the software

This method depends on what you booted in the past to create a Windows 7 password reset disk, and is considered one of the easiest ways to bypass the on-screen password by following these steps:

If you forget your password and change it again, a message will appear on the screen and select OK to close the message. Click Reset Password and insert the password reset disk you created earlier. Follow the on-screen instructions to set a new password. Please reset your password and sign in to your account using the new password.

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Change or reset your password

In this mode, we will use Renee Passnow to change the Windows 7 password and reset the password so that you can recover the lost data and replace the files if your device crashes.

It has many advantages over changing your local account password and Microsoft account administrator without changing the files.

You can run it without the need to run Windows or erase disk data. If your Windows is damaged it will back up your data and change the password in a few steps:

After installing the program, a window with some options will appear. There is an option above to press the first option [x64أو  [x86] Depending on the type of system you are using. Click the .ISO file button to download. When the file has finished downloading, click Create USB and exit USB. If you do not know your computer type, click the Start menu, then System, then About, then Device Specifications, then Computer. Insert the USB / CD into your computer. If the driver does not boot for the first time, change the BIOS boot order. After changing the boot queue, you need to save the BIOS and run the system. A window will appear, click Reset Windows Password. After removing your account, click Remove Password. You can now easily sign in to your computer.

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Solve the problem of forgetting the system password

How to reset Windows 7 password
How to reset Windows 7 password

To solve the problem of forgetting your device password by logging into your computer as a guest, change the password for your computer using the following steps:

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If you do not need to enter your password for the guest account, sign in to your device using the guest account. Copy and paste “exe” into the desktop, then change “cmd.exe” to “sethc.exe”. Copy this file to C “\ Windows or System32 and overwrite the file. Restart your computer and click Shift key 5 to enter cmd. Enter your password with a net username. Change the administrator account and password again and log in to Windows 7.

Reset Windows password using another account

This method depends on having another user account on the system so that he has an administrator account, and you can reset the administrator account password with him in the following steps:

Click on Control Panel. Click User Accounts. Click Manage Accounts and then click Next. Click Create New Account, create a new account, select the account type as an administrator, and click Create.

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How to reset Windows 7 password is very easy, but it is very easy by using many methods that will help you to reset your password in minutes. Programming or resetting it without the program or via another administrator account.