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How to take a screenshot on Windows PC?


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Friday, August 18, 2023 at 05:00 AM

own Microsoft Many built-in tools to save your screen and whether you are using the device surface Whether you’re new or still working on an old, trusted device, learn the basics of how to take a screenshot on your computer..

Microsoft’s snipping tool lets you save your entire screen or a free-form screenshot. Here’s how to take a screenshot on PC, including instructions for Android devices. Windows 11 and older devices Windows 7 Further.

How to Take a Full Screen Screenshot There are two different ways to take a screenshot in Windows

The first option is a button Print screen: To capture the full screen, press the Windows key and the key PrtScn At the same time. If you don’t have the button on your computer PrtSc , press Windows + Spacebar instead. Open to find the image File Explorer And navigate to images folder and screenshots subfolder.

For any device with latest versions Windows 11 Press a key Print screen To open the snipping tool, read more about it below

How to take a screenshot of an active window:

If you want to save the image of the current window, press the My key Alt And PrtScn Together. This will place the image on your clipboard. When your computer saves screenshots in a specific folder, partial screenshots like this go to your clipboard. Switch from your clipboard to an image editor Photoshop Or in the default Photos app Windows Or something like a docs editor Microsoft Office Save them in the file format of your choice.

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How to use the snipping tool You can use the snipping tool in Windows to customize your screenshot for any device running Windows. Windows 10 or 11, press a key Windows + Shift + S together or main PrtScn Open the Snipping Tool.

For users Windows 8.1 Or 7, you should find the application in a list Start (not at all). Both options give you a toolbar where you can customize your “snippet”..

You can take freeform or rectangular images of your screen, and screenshots taken with the snipping tool will be sent to your clipboard. From the clipboard, you can save the image to a folder Screenshots You can rename the file and change the file format, annotate your screenshots with pen or highlighter icons.

The snipping tool has several keyboard shortcuts to help you customize your screenshot experience:

• Ctrl and +: Save the clip

Ctrl+C: Copy the clip

Alt+M: Select the cropping mode

Alt + D: Set a timer for 1-5 seconds on the screenshot

Alt+M: Create another clip at the same position. For example, if you take a rectangular snip, you can quickly create another snip using this method.

• Shift + Arrows: Navigate through different clip types

Bonuses for users Microsoft Surface

If you have a device Microsoft Surface In tablet mode, press the power button and volume up button at the same time to take a screenshot. If you have a keyboard attached, you can follow the same steps as on a desktop, just go to the Pictures folder and go to Screenshots to find the screenshot..

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