February 6, 2023

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"Irving 50" brings the web back to the "path to success"

“Irving 50” brings the web back to the “path to success”

Los Angeles Airport (AFP)

Kyrie Irving scored 50 points for her Brooklyn Nets to end four consecutive defeats.
Irving reached the 50-point threshold for the fifth time in his career, after an impressive performance of 9 three-points.
The Nets strengthened their record with 33 wins, compared to the same number of defeats that kept them in contention for a place in the playoffs, to finish eighth in the Eastern Province ahead of the Ninth Hornets.
Winner Andre Drummond, 20 points and 14 rebounds, Kevin Durant and Bruce Brown each scored 14 points.
After the match Irving said, “It was an amazing whole game,” and “we started the game with great determination and played hard with a great plan.”
The Nets will face rival Philadelphia 76ers in a reunion with former player James Horton, who left in January.
At the Beacon Center, Greek legend Yannis Antotocounbo scored 39 points for the Milwaukee Bucks to lead its host Oklahoma City Thunder 142-115.
Chris Middleton played in the winning streak with 25 points, while Bobby Ports added 18 to 14 rebounds.
Bucks, who strengthened third place in the Eastern Province with 41 wins against 25 defeats, went on to win their fifth in a row.
At Indianapolis, the Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the Indiana Pacers 127-124 to retain their place in the playoffs, with Darius Garland scoring 41 points, the highest in his career.
Garland added 13 assists and 5 rebounds to his scoring record, while the top five managed to score a “double-double” in favor of the Guardians, and came out on top with a 25-point losing streak to Tyrus Halliburton.
In Orlando, the Phoenix lost to the Suns Bucks, defeated the Magic 102-99, and the Suns competed with incomplete teams due to the absence of injured Chris Paul and Devin Booker for reasons. In corona virus protocol, the weight was put on Deandre Eaton, who made up for the absence of his two teammates, who scored 21 points for 19 rebounds, while Laundry Schmidt added 21 points.
In San Francisco, the Golden State Warriors defeated the Los Angeles Clippers 112-97 to end a series of 5 defeats.
For the winner, Clay Thompson added 20 points, Stephen Curry 15 points and 19-year-old Congolese substitute Jonathan Kominga 21 to 6 rebounds and the same assist.
The Warriors are third in the Western Region with 44 wins and 22 defeats, while the Clippers retain eighth place (34-33), while in another match, Memphis Grizzlies beat the New Orleans Pelicans 132-111.

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