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Isa Al Qurg Group is focused on expansion in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia


Dubai: Hazem Helmi
Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group revealed that it has opened 5 new companies from the beginning of the current year 2023 and is diversifying between companies working in logistics services and other companies working in marketing services in addition to electromechanical fields. The group’s CEO, Issa Al Gurg, said the company is not currently looking to expand into new Arab countries, but he stressed that the group is following developments in business and projects in the region and looking at available expansion opportunities. In an interview with Al Khaleej, he added: “This year we established three new companies in the UAE, focusing on service-based solutions, adding one specializing in logistics services and another specializing in marketing services. .”
He continued: “We recently completed the establishment of two additional companies in Saudi Arabia in addition to our operating companies, with a primary focus on project-based business, and we are relying on our experiences in the country to expand in Saudi Arabia. As for electromechanical fields.”
Most Important Sectors
The CEO of the Dubai-headquartered group explained that the group operates in 6 different sectors including retail, lifestyle, consumer, industrial, building materials and real estate.
He stressed that the group is in the process of improving and renovating its properties and increasing the returns on its real estate portfolio, while continuously developing new projects to suit the needs of the local market.
Born in the 1960s, the group currently owns more than 27 companies and has partnerships with more than 370 international brands across various sectors. The group manages several offices and facilities in Saudi Arabia, Oman and India.
Regarding the group’s intention to invest in new sectors, he said: “We rely on our heritage and our ancient past to achieve a better future, and our goal is to build on the foundations and foundations laid by the group’s founder, Isa Saleh Al Qurg. , to develop the Group’s business and increase investment in the sectors in which we currently operate.”
He added: “We are seeking to achieve comprehensive coordination and integration between our various sectors and are entering into new investment areas to support these sectors. We are currently focusing on investing in service sectors, improving the capabilities of the industrial group and developing our e-commerce platforms.”
He pointed out that the retail and manufacturing sectors have seen significant growth recently as the group has achieved steady performance during the Covid-19 pandemic, and its business has also seen strong growth in the years following the crisis, which initially hit the world. 2020
He said the growth rate of total revenue and net profits would be 10% to 15% on an annual basis.
Global Partnerships
Al Kurq, a group established over 60 years ago, has several global partnerships with many companies, notably; “Siemens”, “Unilever” and “Fosrock”.
He said: “All the partnerships we have entered into have played an important role in shaping the structure of our group and we are proud to see them grow year on year, especially as some of these partnerships were formed decades ago and we always focus on our plans to grow our business and strengthen these partnerships. It is an integral part of our strategy for the coming years and ensures that the partners we work with share the same values ​​and long-term aspirations as us.”
He added: “Demand for our products is growing in many countries around the world, and our customer base spans across Asia, the Middle East, Africa, parts of the Americas, Australia and New Zealand, and we are always targeting new markets around the world.”
New markets
He pointed out that the group follows strict export control procedures that ensure compliance with all global and local laws and practices when expanding or targeting new markets.
Regarding the group’s growth plans for the coming years, he explained that the management’s top priority is to achieve the group’s growth strategy as they seek to continue to achieve the recently set goals and continue investments to improve the capabilities of their companies. United Arab Emirates.
He emphasized that the Group has made great strides in its journey towards sustainability by investing in green economy infrastructure and reducing carbon emissions, and that Siemens has a growing presence and diversified investments in the sustainable economy through industrial and collaborative projects. Siemens Energy.
Sustainability programs
He explained that they participated in several “ESCO Energy Services Company” projects, through which they were able to help many clients improve and improve their businesses in line with modern sustainability standards and technologies, energy efficiency solutions provided by the group. Improve their operations and adopt environment-friendly practices in their day-to-day work.
He pointed out that it seeks to offer carbon neutral products to its customers through partnerships with international brands that adopt a sustainability and carbon neutral approach such as “Interface” and “Paper One Digital”.
He concluded his talk with Al Khaleez by saying that the Group has strengthened the efficiency of sustainable and efficient factories in energy and resources in addition to steel industry waste, recycling as primary raw material and electronics. A waste recycling program and reduction in the use of single-use plastic water bottles in the workplace.

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