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It is recommended to activate 5 settings after purchasing a new iPhone


iPhone is one of the most important smartphones used by millions around the world because it provides a high level of security to the Apple technology system. When you get a new iPhone, you’re excited to start using it right away, but there are a few settings you can adjust on iPhone to improve the experience of using it, and we’ll mention the following:

1- Adjust iPhone screen settings:

One of the first things to do after turning on the iPhone for the first time is to customize the iPhone screen settings, adjusting the lighting and brightness to suit you.

customize screen settings; Follow the following steps:

Go to the Settings app and select Display & Brightness

From there, you can choose a light or dark mode, or set those modes to change automatically depending on the time.

You may want to enable True Tone, a feature that automatically adjusts the screen’s colors and brightness based on the light around you. If you want to protect your eyesight, set a schedule to automatically turn on Night Shift, a feature that acts as a blue light filter and changes screen colors to warmer tones.

2- Check warranty:

The new iPhone comes with a one-year warranty from Apple. But if the iPhone you bought is used, the warranty might have expired or it’s only a few months away.

To check, go to the Check Device Coverage page and enter your phone’s serial number. If your iPhone is brand new, you also have the option to upgrade to AppleCare within 60 days of purchasing the phone.

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3- Adjust security settings:

When buying a new iPhone, you need to go to the Settings app and set up biometric authentication features, then select (Face ID & Passcode) or (Touch ID & Passcode) for older models and start setting up this feature. You can enable Face ID or Touch ID when making purchases in the App Store, autofilling passwords, and using Apple Pay.

On the other hand, make sure to set up Find My on a new iPhone so that you can track your phone if it’s lost or stolen, and go to Settings, click on your name, then select Find My.

As long as you use the same Apple ID on all devices, you can check the location of all your Apple devices using this app

4- Adjust your privacy settings to limit tracking:

You can take advantage of the ad settings on iPhone to improve your privacy and limit your activity to show you relevant ads. To do this, follow these steps:

Go to the Settings app and select Privacy & Security

Choose (Apple Advertising) and make sure the Personalized Ads setting is turned off

After that, make sure to enable apps that allow tracking requests, as this feature restricts tracking of your location and activity, and make sure you choose which apps you want to allow tracking.

After turning on this feature and installing a new app on the phone, when you open the app for the first time, you will get a pop-up asking whether you want to allow this app to be tracked or not.

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5- Use iCloud Backup:

iCloud is the best cloud storage and backup method for Apple device users, so you can keep a copy of your photos, files and all your personal data and restore them at any time. When you sign up for iCloud, you automatically get 5GB of free cloud storage

To set up an iCloud backup, follow these steps:

Go to the Settings app and tap on your name

Choose iCloud and turn on iCloud Backup

Once enabled, it automatically backs up your data every day your iPhone is locked, charged, and connected to Wi-Fi. And you can choose which apps to enable backup from the iCloud settings page

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