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Kendrill launches services for banking and financial institutions on Google Cloud platform


New York – Announced Kendrell (NYSE: KD), the world’s largest provider of technology infrastructure services, announced the launch of new services for banking and financial institutions to store and protect their confidential and sensitive data on the Google Cloud Platform. Kendrill’s new services are designed to provide organizations with a consolidated, scalable and secure data base to support their regulatory activities and corporate code compliance requirements.

Kendrell has built new services on the Google Cloud Reference Architecture for Financial Services, focusing on automation, security and simplifying customer compliance. These services allow customers to take advantage of Google Cloud security solutions, such as Confidential Computing and Security Command Center, which encrypts their confidential data.

These Kendrill services are designed to meet the unique needs of financial institutions and help them adhere to specific compliance standards for their specific operations. The new service has many capabilities and differentiating factors essential to digitally modernize banks and financial institutions, and is supported by the expertise of engineers.Kyndryl adviceKyndryl’s development and implementation teams, Kyndryl Cloud Native Managed Services, as well as Kyndryl’s compliance and security expertise.

Kendrell works with Google Cloud to meet the needs of financial services organizations with a cloud approach tailored to the banking and financial industries that transcends generic services and their limited and limited capabilities. This modular approach is based on deep industry experience and is designed to provide security. and privacy in the cloud.

“We’ve developed innovative services with advanced security capabilities to help financial services organizations plan and implement their data and application environments on Google Cloud,” said Meenaji Venkat, vice president of Cloud at Kyndryl Consult. “Kendryl’s 30+ years of experience designing, building and managing critical technology infrastructures ensure customers can manage their businesses and transactions in the cloud with confidence and security.”

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“Our services partners like Kendrill provide the expertise and resources many organizations need during their large-scale digital transformation projects,” said Benji Harrison, director of Global Alliances at Google Cloud. “Now, Kendrill offers new financial services companies solutions using Google tools.” Cloud security and reliable infrastructure to help customers achieve their business transformation goals.”

Kendrill has designed its financial services capabilities to leverage Google Cloud security features and services that the financial services industry needs and relies on:

● Technology Secret computer Major financial services encrypt data during processing to prevent unauthorized access.

● Advantage Protection of sensitive data It provides tools to detect, categorize and hide sensitive data to prevent it from being used in analysis or training AI and machine learning models.

● Platform Security Command Center It helps maintain and control regulatory and security compliance and provides quick alerts on non-compliance with guidance for problem resolution.

Among these services, Kendrell focuses on key enablers such as industry-leading design to enable financial services organizations to quickly and seamlessly transition to Google Cloud. These services can be tailored to specific customer and local regulatory requirements with modern operational practices such as code (IaC) and help customers implement and overcome challenges with confidence and security.

In addition, Kendrell leverages its deep industry experience and cloud capabilities to build effective financial services based on an operational model that controls and continuously improves performance, aligns pricing and cloud spending with business outcomes, and provides embeddable cloud services that accelerate problem solving and revenue generation. .

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About “Kendrell”.

Kendrill (NYSE: KD) is the world’s largest IT infrastructure services provider, serving thousands of enterprise customers in more than 60 countries. The company designs, builds, manages and modernizes the complex, mission-critical information systems that the world relies on on a daily basis. For more information, visit the following website

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