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Latifah Bint Mohammed presents Dubai Media with Mohammed Bin Rashid Award for Arabic Language


Sheikha Latifah Bint Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Member of Dubai Council and Chairman of Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, honored the crew of the TV show “Inspector Fasih” with the Mohammed Bin Rashid Award for Arabic Language. The seventh session will be chaired by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, may God bless him and grant him peace.

The awards were aired last month during a ceremony organized by the Board of Trustees at the Movenpick Grand Al Bustan Hotel in Dubai as part of the proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on the Arabic Language. Sama Dubai in association with “Dubai Media” won the award for best work in Arabic, Ramadan on Screen. In media, within media and communication print. The coronation ceremony was held in recognition of the role of the Dubai media in preserving, supporting and enriching the Arabic language.

In recognition of the program team’s efforts in promoting the Arabic language, its Emirati anchor Ayub Youssef has tried during his episodes to provide many examples, sentences, Arabic words and their correct usage.

Through his collaboration with a group of celebrities and stars of local and Arab theater, Ayub Yusuf illuminates the rules of the Arabic language and presents them in interesting comic forms. Helping to understand the Arabic language and discover its essence and correct pronunciation, it infuses the soul into the body of the language.

At the ceremony, journalist Ayub Yusuf outlined the idea of ​​the project and its implementation, reflecting Dubai’s interest and efforts in preserving and promoting the Arabic language. Hamad bin Karam, Senior Director of Programs at Sama Dubai Channel, emphasized that Dubai Media is keen to highlight the Arabic language in its television and radio programmes.

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“Dubai Media is working to restore the luster of the Arabic language. It is an archive of our Arab culture, history and various knowledge products. It has become a bridge of communication between us and other cultures.”

He noted that “Dubai Media” seeks to improve the status of the Arabic language locally and among members of the Arab community: “Dubai Media is keen to raise the status of the Arabic language through its continuous programs and initiatives. , improve and advance it at the local, Gulf and Arab levels, and “Inspector Faseeh” The project’s success “underscores the quality of Dubai Media’s efforts in this regard.”

He explained that Dubai Media’s future plans include producing various programs based on the Arabic language with the aim of highlighting the importance and status of the Arabic language. It is noteworthy that the previous sessions of the Muhammad Bin Rashid Award for Arabic Language have achieved remarkable success and wide participation from many individuals and organizations from different parts of the world.

The total number of entries in the history of the award reached 7,273 entries, and the number of winners crowned during the lifetime of the award reached 49, with the previous session attracting over 1,300 entries. The award allows participants, including individuals, working groups and organizations, to choose from 11 categories under 5 main themes.

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