April 1, 2023

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'Leaked news': British government prioritizes rescue of animals from Afghanistan

‘Leaked news’: British government prioritizes rescue of animals from Afghanistan

A newspaper published the newsDefender“China has changed its policy towards the African continent as it has reduced its financial obligations after two decades of high investment on the continent due to growing fears of developing countries in favor of Beijing.

Experts emphasize that the change in Chinese approach confirms Beijing’s reconsideration of its strategy on the brown continent in the wake of the corona virus outbreak and competition from major powers.

Last week, at the Sino-African Forum, Chinese President Xi Jinping pledged $ 40 billion in investment and debt to Africa, instead of the $ 60 billion promised at the previous two summits.

“In a way, Xi’s reduced financial commitment is not surprising because we’ve already seen signs of that over the past two years,” Lina Benaphtalla of the Wake Forest University in North Carolina told the Associated Press.

“China has entered Africa with extreme caution, after two decades of massive government funding,” he added.

Carlos Lopez of the University of Cape Town confirmed that the collapse was caused by Western exposure to the Chinese debt trap and attempts to exploit Africans and their natural resources.

After failing to repay a $ 200 million loan, media reports in recent days revealed the possibility of Beijing controlling the only airport in Uganda, and demanding that the terms of the agreement with China be amended.

A British newspaper report has confirmed that China is trying to use vaccine diplomacy to promote itself on the brown continent because Xi has promised to pay a fee covering one billion doses, including 600 million doses.

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But observers insist that Xi’s focus on vaccines is not new in Africa. In late February, China promised to provide vaccines to 19 African countries. So far, of the 155 million doses promised to Africa, 107 million have been given, of which only 16 million have been donated, according to the Beijing Bridge Vaccine Watchdog.

Leah Lynch, deputy director of Development Remainder, an international development consulting firm based in Africa, said Beijing has delivered fewer vaccines to Africa than any other region.