August 10, 2022

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Lebanese and Arab students in Ukraine via Sky News Arabia: Save Us

Lebanese and Arab students in Ukraine via Sky News Arabia: Save Us

In the context of the crisis-ridden war in Ukraine, Sky News Arabia has a good number of Arab students with the Lebanese community and other Arab communities there, especially those who are trapped at home, to see their situation, especially because they are there. Kiev And neighboring cities.

Sky News Arabia, like the Arabs, is living in fear of a reaction from universities if Lebanese students fail to attend, which prevented them from leaving last week, especially since not all universities in Ukraine allow distance education.

A source from the Lebanese community told Sky News Arabia, “As a result of the crisis, prices of basic commodities such as gas and fuels have risen, and food prices have risen by 15 to 20 percent, affecting the expenses of Lebanese students. They are already suffering from the dollar crisis in their country. “”.

Javad Marmer, a Lebanese medical student currently living in the Ukrainian city of Grovgrad, said: “We hear the noise of bombings and bombings. The university continues. It did not stop, but returned to distance education on Wednesday. Graduate students. ” .

Murmer described the situation to “Sky News Arabia”: “The shops where I live are closed, there are long queues at supermarkets and cash machines, and the situation has led to a loss of confidence in the banks. Everyone here is afraid that even the banks will stop working. “

He added: “We are seeking the Lebanese embassy Ukraine Help return to Lebanon as soon as possible. Especially after the enactment of a more severe martial law than the state of emergency in Ukraine, I began to collect supplies and be cautious. This affected the movement from one city to another.

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As Hadi Nazih Tradiyeh, a Lebanese student studying medicine, explained: “More than 70 percent of Lebanese students are still in Ukraine. We are staying here to avoid missing out on our school year.

University professor Faten Rod, the mother of one of the Lebanese students, said of her daughter Suha, who is studying in Ukraine: “My daughter, a sixth-year general medical student, was forced to return to Lebanon despite the university administration. Everyone leaving, especially the graduate students, was threatened with expulsion, but when I heard the news that the situation there was deteriorating, I urged her to leave, and thank God she was now in Lebanon.

In the same context, Egyptian student Muhannat Ali al-Saeed described the situation as “extremely difficult”: “I live in the city of Dnepropetrovsk. The bombing has been going on since five in the morning.”

Al-Saeed told Sky News Arabia: “There are many Arab students here, especially from Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon and Egypt.” They are there, we are waiting, I am storing food at home, waiting for the end of the Egyptian embassy, ​​keeping the windows closed, the city is not safe.There are about 3 thousand students in Ukraine Egypt“.

Marwa al-Sharif, a Tunisian student studying dentistry in Ukraine, said: “There is no Tunisian embassy in Ukraine. The embassy is in Moscow, and I’m in touch with my Arab friends.

He told Sky News Arabia: “There is fear in the city because the banks have stopped serving. I hope to travel quickly, especially through you, to deport us from Ukraine from my country. . “

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Following the deteriorating security situation in Ukraine, the Lebanese Foreign Minister said Abdullah BouhabOn Thursday, Beirut followed the situation of the Lebanese in Ukraine and added: “We have contacted the authorities in Romania and Poland to protect their exit by land.”

Commenting on the crisis, he said that the Director of Political and Diplomatic Affairs of the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Gaddy Gauri, had summoned all the ambassadors from the countries concerned to Lebanon and set up a mechanism to discuss the issue with them. The students should be deported to Lebanon immediately, he said, adding that the minister would hold a detailed meeting with them on Thursday evening.

Al-Gauri told Sky News Arabia: “Nearly 800 Lebanese students from all walks of life are pursuing their studies, and the Lebanese community is many times larger.”

On February 14, the Lebanese Foreign Ministry instructed Lebanese Ukrainians in Ukraine to voluntarily leave until tensions returned to normal. Defending their rights and securing their educational obligations.