March 25, 2023

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Medvedev .. "mud role" in front of Nadal!

Medvedev .. “mud role” in front of Nadal!

Melbourne Airport (AFP)

Once again, Russian player Daniel Medvedev wants to play his senior Spanish rival Rafael Nadal in a muddy role against him when they meet in the final as he seeks to win his twenty-first title in the Grand Slam “record”. The first Grand Slam match of the Australian Open tennis is tomorrow “Sunday”.
Medvedev excelled in the role when Serbian Novak Djokovic rejected his 21st major title, and the record for the number of titles he held, especially when he defeated Serbia in three clean sets. In the final of Flushing Meadows last September. .
The Russian commented on his forthcoming work: “This is a great match, and I’m glad to have another chance to stop writing history.”
Medvedev, 25, who came to the Australian Open final for the second year in a row after falling in the final against Djokovic in the last edition, said: “I’m fully focused on doing my job, of course, I’m not lying, I’m fully aware of what he’s looking for. I realized he was going.
And about his upcoming meeting with Natalie he said: “I think it’s going to be a big battle, maybe physically. Rafa is always looking for long exchanges to exhaust his opponent, but I like it too.”
“We all know Rafa will compete until his last breath, and so do I.” He added, “I have to play at my best level to win.”
Medvedev was not led by the Roses to go to the final because he defeated Australian Kyrgyz in front of a local crowd and then suffered a number of setbacks against the sinking American Maxim Gracie and Canadian player Felix Agar-Aliasim. Before the Greek Stephenos suppressed Tsitsipas in the semifinals, he used the ball to his advantage.
According to Natalie, she reached the final of a Grand Slam tournament for the twenty-ninth time in her career and the sixth time in Australia. He said of his confrontation with Medvedev: “In this match I will face one of the toughest rivals. In the final.”
Nadal has been out of action since last August after sustaining a serious injury to his left leg, and was infected with the corona virus while participating in an exhibition competition in Abu Dhabi at the end of December.
He said: One and a half months ago, I do not know if I can participate in this competition, I have come to the finals, for which I have to thank life.
In addition to the 35-year-old Nadal’s potential to break the number of titles at Grand Slam tournaments, he is the second player in sports history to be crowned since he adopted the professional system. 1968, and the fourth in history to win at least two Grand Slam titles, last year when Djokovic won the Roland Cross for the second time in his career.
With three wins against one loser, including the 2019 Flushing Meadows final, Nadal has surpassed Medvedev in the four encounters that have united them so far.

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