May 28, 2023

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Mido: Zamalek were losing their franchise because of Hasan Hamdi.. Look

Zamalek’s former player and coach, Egyptian star Ahmed Hossam “Mido”, advised the Al-Abiad players, stressing that the club was being treated unfairly.

In television reports to “Al-Nahar” channel, Mido said: “We must not plant ideas in the minds of young players in Samalek that the club is always oppressed, because when young people are brought up with these ideas, it is an easy excuse. For them when they lose.”

And he continued: “Zamalek have been suppressed for years in this country, unfairly because (people make it easy) a certain club always gets the biggest sponsorship rights and they leave the matter as it is.”

And he continued: “Zamalek has been repressed, but it is not right that this is the message that is conveyed to the youth inside the club, so that their morale is not affected. We want to raise young heroes, the hero does not forgive himself.”

And he continued: “Historically, Zamalek managed to digest its franchise in many periods. It should have been the best-selling and best-marketed, but at the same time there was a conflict of interest in Egyptian football. Captain Hassan Hamdi was the president. Al-Ahly Club and Al-Ahram at the same time. The head of the advertising agency, which supports the Poles.

And he continued: “Zamalek, like any club in Egypt, is sometimes subject to referee injustice, but at one time it should enter the treasury millions more than Al-Ahly, but due to the conflict of interests of the era. According to Hassan Hamdi, the Whites at the beginning of the millennium with a great generation of all Selling to Al-Ahly over Zamalek while also winning championships.

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In response to Farooq Jaffer’s point that Mido sometimes doesn’t know when he says it? He said: “I don’t like the fact that an old man is denying what he said, he sat down with me and admitted he said some things, I reported it in (the clubhouse) and he got angry. I said. I don’t go out and talk to the media when I’m not in my life. “My vigilance and (in the clubhouse) everything I talked about was balanced words.