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My win in Biology Olympiad gives me a scientific responsibility


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With burning passion and determination to challenge and succeed, a citizen student, Reem Rashid Al Naqbi, won a bronze medal in the 34th edition of the International Biology Olympiad hosted by the country and organized by the Ministry of Education. Collaboration with UAE University for eight days from July 3rd to 10th in the lush Al Ain area.

The closing ceremony saw the announcement of the winners of the International Biology Olympiad competition who had deservedly held their positions on the international stage and the UAE registered its first victory in this Olympiad.

Valuable opportunity

Student Reem Al-Naqbi said: “Winning this edition of the Olympiad brings me a scientific responsibility, and I am proud to be nominated to participate in this international event, which represents a valuable opportunity for each participant to meet elite students and judges. Experts, researchers and experts in biology.”

Holding this event in the country confirms its leadership and position in the education sector, which is supported by our intellectual leadership. The staff overseeing these events were keen on imparting skills, science and knowledge to the participants, and establishing a culture of creativity. , innovation and scientific research, and supporting concepts of knowledge excellence.

Important competition

Al-Naqbi added: “Although more than 320 talented students and experts in biology from 80 countries participated in this competition, at the same time it is considered one of the most important competitions in the field of biology in the world. I was excited to participate and challenged my passion.” And I competed positively for success, leadership and excellence until I got a bronze medal.

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6 choices

Al-Naqbi confirmed that he and the participants completed 6 exams, 4 of which were practical and the other two were theoretical. The tests challenged students’ knowledge and critical thinking skills.

Questions cover topics related to animal and plant anatomy, physiology, cell science, microbiology, molecular biology, genetics, ecology, behavior and biological systems. The other four exams include tests on biochemistry, plant molecular biology, bioinformatics and ecology. and morals.

Empowering participants

He added, “I benefited from attending the Green Education Conference on the sidelines of the Olympics, which contributed to the participants offering innovative solutions to combat climate change and promoting a sustainable culture in educational institutions. I enjoyed the opportunity to visit some of the most important cultural and entertainment destinations in the country with other participants.”

Reem Al-Naqbi, a student, wishes to study medicine and return home.


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