March 28, 2023

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ناسا ترسل صورا لبشر عارية إلى الفضاء بأمل جذب الفضائيين إلى الأرض

NASA sends images of naked humans into space to attract extraterrestrials to Earth

Scholars are searching American space agency “NASA”In the hopes of attracting extraterrestrials to Earth, there will be maps of men and women with space to publish nude pictures of humans, including DNA imaging, which would include an answer that could be answered if there were aliens. ..

According to Al Arabia Net, NASA scientists have revealed the images in a study as part of a project called “Beacon in the Galaxy”.BITGIt aims to send a message to any extraterrestrial civilization out there, and scientists believe the split interpretation of the naked male and female movement could help scientists communicate with extraterrestrials.“.

In parallel, scientists sought to visualize gravity along with nude patterns and DNA imaging, believing that all of this could turn into two-coded updated message that could be sent into space. Had the opportunity to be understood by aliens..

The proposed message contains basic mathematical and physical concepts for developing a global communication mechanism, followed by information on the biochemical composition of life on Earth and the location of the solar system’s timeline in the Milky Way. For known globular clusters such as the digital imaging of the solar system and the Earth’s surface..

It is noteworthy that the concept of sending pictures of naked people into space is not new..

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