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New AI chatbots…digital collaboration tools to express and improve your ideas

Meet the new AI contenders for ChatGP, a class of AI assistants like the recently released Pi, Poe, and Woebot. They are private chats powered by artificial intelligence.

Unlike the popular ChatGPT and Bard, these new AI bots focus more on personal assistance than writing or performing other tasks for you. I’ve found these robots useful, and here are some suggestions for using them creatively.

The AI ​​chatbot is the digital partner of the human brain

Boy: A friendly chat buddy

* A new partner: “Bay” artificial intelligence aims to be your new partner in conversation, as it is a free personal robot that will get to know you over time. After signing up for free with, you can chat with the computer via its website, app or WhatsApp.

Bey is a friendly chat companion that you can use as a sounding board for ideas or questions. It can also be used to remember things that you are afraid to forget.

Three ways to use eBay:

– Organize your thinking: Ask Pi to guide you through journaling or planning a project. It will gradually push you forward.

– Preparing for an interview: Pai can help you prepare for an interview or a difficult discussion with a friend or colleague. It’s a neutral, non-judgmental system, so it works well in simulations.

– Think of a new challenge: Ask Pi to help you with a question you’re thinking about or a decision you’re trying to make. You create the input – you can do whatever you want with it, and the Pi only prompts you to answer useful questions.

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* How does Pi differ from ChatGPT? Unlike ChatGPT, Pie isn’t designed to generate headlines for you to tweet, and it doesn’t write Shakespearean-style poetry. Rather, it’s a chatbot programmed to stay with you over time.

* Reservations for use of “Bay”: Sometimes Pi takes credit for things you didn’t actually say. When I asked it to help me plan a project, the program discovered a task I hadn’t specified. The program also tells you what skills it lacks.

Artificial intelligence programs help clarify and improve ideas

“Personal.AI” is a trainable alternative

“Personal. is a new chat program that can train you on your writing, documents you upload, or things you write or paste into it. You can provide it with links or documents from Google Drive. It makes training easier and faster than services.

* Trained digital assistant. Like Pai, this intelligent software acts as a digital assistant, drawing on what you give it to help with questions or projects. It can tailor email responses based on your previous writings.

Unlike Bard, ChatGPT, and other smart programs whose responses originate from generic materials scraped from the Internet, learns your favorite insights, quotes, or other knowledge.

While GBT Chat only interacts with two documents at a time and starts conversations after a certain number of queries, your bot can retain insights from the documents you upload over time. This means that if you train him to do so, he will be able to gather a stronger understanding of your business.

* Check privacy assurance while works online and with dedicated apps for iOS and Mac.

*Use Cautions:

The interface is very confusing compared to ChatGPT and other programs I’ve tested.

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The design focuses on using your AI to answer other people’s questions, which may not be its most useful ability. For me, can be very valuable for querying my notes and previous writings.

While it’s free for basic use, the price jumps to $40 per month if you want more than two AI programs or want to merge files other than those in Google Drive.

“WooBot” is a mental program

WoBot is an advanced mental health program

Woebot helps you put your worries into words. It is a personal robot designed to help mimic mental health challenges. It helps you identify your concerns and suggests questions to consider.

This program is not a substitute for a health therapist, but it does provide a free tool to identify your thoughts even if you don’t have access to expensive therapy.

An intelligent conversation partner increases the clarity of your thoughts

Why are these programs useful? Talking to a chatbot seemed strange to me until I tried it. I realized that the robot basically acts as an interactive sounding board.

* Digital conversation partner. Having a conversation partner — even a digital one — forces you to clarify your thoughts. It forces you to get things out of your head by putting them into words. It’s like hitting a tennis ball against a wall (and it bounces back at you).

Sometimes the chatbot will provide useful output that summarizes the ideas you’ve shared, but other times that output may indicate contradictions. However, in many cases, the value of a robot is to make you think about something intangible that exists in your mind.

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* Artificial intelligence as a productivity aid. Many people who rely on digital documents and enterprise applications will soon add AI-powered chatbots to their toolkit. Just as we use tools like Google Docs to access our documents anywhere, we will rely on artificial intelligence robots to benefit from previous ideas and insights.

* Minimum experience with new AI chatbots. In my experience I have noticed that this is very useful in several ways: first, as a sounding board to help clarify ideas. Second, remember details that would otherwise be forgotten, and finally, alert the person to problems.

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