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New Realme C53 phone specifications 2024 and its price in Egypt and Saudi Arabia



New Realme C53 phone specifications 2024 and its price in Egypt and Saudi Arabia

The new Realme phone is considered as one of the budget phones, so it is noteworthy that most of the modern phone enthusiasts are looking for the new Realme C53 phone specifications and its full details. The phone has various features that many people look for and enjoy and we will explain the features and specifications of this phone. Also latest update on selling price in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Specifications of the new Realme C5 phone

The new Realme C53 phone has several specifications that are very different from the previous versions of the same category, and among the most important of these specifications we find the following:

  • The phone comes with a 6.74-inch IPS LCD display.

  • The screen resolution of the phone is 1080 x 2400 with a refresh rate of 90 Hz, and its brightness is 560 nits, which is considered a high brightness rate.

  • The dual rear camera of the phone has a resolution of 50 megapixels and it is the main camera with 0.8 megapixel macro.

  • The single front camera of the phone has a resolution of 8 megapixels.

  • The phone has an octa-core processor (Unisac Tiger D612) and 12 Nano technology.

  • In terms of storage space, it has 128 GB RAM and 6 GB RAM internal storage memory.

  • With Android platform (13).

  • Battery capacity is 5 thousand mAh.

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Realme C53 Phone Features

    Specifications of the new Realme C53 phoneRealme C53 phone comes with various features and it is one of the emerging phones and those features include:

  • It has a large screen with a 90 Hz refresh rate.

  • The phone has a battery capacity of 5000 mAh.

  • The processor of the phone is modern, 8-core core, which is very compatible with customers’ daily use and consumption of various programs.

  • The internal memory of the phone is large.

  • The dual rear camera of the phone has a resolution of 50 megapixels.

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Cons of Realme C53 Phone

Although this phone has many advantages, there are also some disadvantages that may appear while using it:

  • This phone does not support fast charging.

  • Cannot record video in 4K resolution.

  • As for the front camera of the phone, it is only 8 megapixels, and this ratio is weak.

Realme c53 Phone Price

After knowing all the details of the phone including its specifications, advantages and disadvantages, many customers want to know the price of buying a phone in different Arab countries, and the price of a phone in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the Kingdom of Emirates is as follows:

  • The price of buying a phone with 128 GB and 6 GB RAM in the Arab Republic of Egypt is only 6 thousand Egyptian pounds.

  • Price of 128GB phone version with 6GB RAM in Saudi Arabia: 550 Saudi Riyals.

  • Price of the phone with the same specifications, version and memory in UAE: 500 UAE Dirhams.

Is Realme C53 worth buying?

In fact, it’s a great choice for anyone looking for a phone on a budget, while still having a large battery and fast charging.

Is Realme a good company?

Realme managed to claim the title of the fastest growing brand in the world, and its sales reached 50 million copies of its smartphone products, and it reached the top 5 rankings in 13 different global markets.

Is Realme Connected to Xiaomi?

Realme is considered a sub-brand of international giant Oppo and its aim is to compete with Xiaomi and its brand Redmi.

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Download Original PES 2024 Game eFootball PES APK Latest Update for Android and iPhone – Read News



Download Original PES 2024 Game eFootball PES APK Latest Update for Android and iPhone – Read News
Download PES 2024 Mobile eFootball PES APK

Download PES 2024 Mobile eFootball PES APK

How to Download PES 2024 Mobile eFootball PES APK? PES 2024 mobile game, eFootball PES APK is one of the most popular football games on mobile phones as it is distinguished by its realistic graphics and fun gameplay. Recently, a new version of the game was released named eFootball PES 2024, which includes many new improvements. , including more realistic graphics, the game’s graphics have been greatly improved, becoming more realistic and detailed, giving players a more enjoyable experience.

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The gameplay is also improved in the game as it is smoother and more realistic making it more fun and exciting to play. Several new features have been added to the game, including a “MyClub” feature that allows players to create and upgrade. Their own team. Download eFootball PES 2024 Through the Mobile APK Updown website, through the following steps:

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  • Search for “eFootball PES 2024”.
  • Click the “Download” button.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.

After completing the download, you can install the game on your mobile device by following these steps:

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  • Follow the on-screen instructions.
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Cons of eFootball PES 2024 Mobile APK

Despite the game’s many advantages, it suffers from some drawbacks, including:

  • The size of the game is huge as the game has an area of ​​2.53 GB which is considered relatively large.
  • Also, heavy graphics requires a powerful device to run the game smoothly as it has high quality graphics.
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Microsoft is testing a “power saving” mode for Windows 11 laptops and PCs



Microsoft is testing a “power saving” mode for Windows 11 laptops and PCs

Saturday, December 2, 2023 03:00 AM

You do the test Microsoft The Power Saver mode in the latest Windows 11 internal build, which will help users extend the battery life of their laptops, is available to Canary Channel Insiders who have installed Windows 11 Insider Preview build 26002.

Power saving mode is available on both desktop and laptop computers (even when connected), and it works the same way as battery saving mode. However, this feature prioritizes power conservation by sacrificing some system performance, as it has battery saving capabilities that help extend battery life by reducing power usage and some system performance.

This power-saving mode can be accessed through the system’s Quick Settings menu, and users can set it to turn on automatically when the device’s battery level reaches a certain point. Additionally, this mode can be configured to work even when the device is connected. A power source for desktop users who want to reduce their energy bill.

Microsoft also introduced power-saving features for the Xbox series, replacing 10-15 watts in standby mode.

According to Microsoft’s Amanda Langowski and Brandon LeBlanc, this mode is optimized to extend battery life while giving users the option to save power at all times. Although this mode can reduce some system performance, it’s the easiest option, they said. Extend the battery life of your device.

If you’re not yet enrolled in the Windows 11 Insider Program, you can extend your PC’s battery life even further with the built-in Battery Saver feature. This mode temporarily disables power-intensive processes such as automatic email and calendar synchronization, Live Tile, etc. Updates and unsupported apps. Active.

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How to Enable Battery Saver in Windows 11

To enable Battery Saver, go to Start > Settings > System > Power & Battery. From there, you can choose to activate the battery saver automatically when your battery reaches a certain level by selecting a custom level next to “Automatically turn on battery saver.”

Microsoft recommends adjusting the active display duration, lowering screen brightness, changing your app’s background activity settings, choosing a more efficient power mode, or turning on airplane mode if you don’t need wireless connections.

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iPhone 15 Pro Max price in Kuwait, Al-Ghanim 2023. Can I get it in installments?



iPhone 15 Pro Max price in Kuwait, Al-Ghanim 2023. Can I get it in installments?

iPhone 15 Pro Price maximum In Al-Ghanim, in Kuwait, many asked about him; This is due to their desire to buy the latest version of Apple phones while making sure to buy from a more trusted source. Mention the iPhone in Xcite Alghanim and whether it can be obtained in installments or not.

iPhone 15 Pro Price maximum In Kuwait, Alkhanim

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X-cite Alghanim is one of the most important stores specializing in selling electronic products in the State of Kuwait. It offers an array of latest releases from the most prominent international brands, including iPhone phones, and here we specifically mention the iPhone 15 Pro Max prices as follows:

Storage capacity


Prices are in Kuwaiti Dinars after discount

512 GB



256 GB



1 TB

Silver gray

587,900 (No discount)

512 GB

Silver gray

514,900 (No discount)

256 GB



512 GB



256 GB


442,900 (No discount)

Are installments available at Xcite Alghanim Kuwait?

In the previous paragraph, we showed the price of the iPhone 15 Pro Max phone on Xcite Alghanim, as we explained, there are some categories with big discounts, but in addition to these discounts, the store offers the possibility of installments. Al-Isra Finance starting from 5 Kuwaiti dinars per month through easy installments or plan.

The repayment period is up to 60 months, and knowing that there is a grace period for the first payment of more than 6 months, the customer can pay the installments through the branches or through the website.

Installment conditions at Xcite Alghanim Kuwait

In order to ensure that Xcite Alghanim Kuwait customers can purchase various electronic devices, including the iPhone 15 Pro Max, it is worth noting that certain conditions and documents must be met in order to accept the installment request. as follows:

  • For Kuwaiti customers, purchases can be made in installments through Social Rewards.
  • Kuwaiti customers must present a valid civil ID and proof of salary identification.
  • Non-Kuwaiti customers are required to present residence ID card, copy of passport and salary identification certificate and their authorizations are valid.

Contact Xcite Alkanim Kuwait

It is worth knowing that if a customer has any queries regarding the purchase or installment method at Xcite Alghanim stores in Kuwait, he can submit his query to the customer service team through the following methods:

It may be said here that this article has already reached its conclusion; This is after we provide the most important information that is of interest to everyone in Kuwait who wants to buy iPhone 15 Pro Max from Xcite Alghanim.

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