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News: Typhoon Sola hits southern China of Hong Kong



Typhoon Chaola, which hit southern China on Saturday, killed one person in Hong Kong, uprooted trees and broke windows, while its casualties fell short of the massive damage caused by a powerful storm. Not witnessed for decades.

Millions of people living in congested coastal areas in southern China have taken shelter in closed areas since Friday in anticipation of the typhoon’s arrival.

On Friday evening, Hong Kong authorities raised the alert level to its highest level, which has happened only 16 times since World War II, and appealed to residents to “stay away from exposed windows and doors and ensure there is a safe place to take shelter”. .”

Cyclone Chayola leaves trees on roads and breaks windows (French)

Lower the alarm

With no casualties reported in Hong Kong, authorities lowered the warning level again early Saturday after the typhoon passed near the city and continued its path towards the Chinese mainland, but advised residents to be aware of strong winds.

French newspaper reporters reported that trees fell on roads and windows were broken, while local media reported that solar panels were ripped from the roofs of buildings.

Hong Kong aviation authorities announced on Saturday that flights would gradually resume after Friday’s typhoon caused widespread disruption, many of which were canceled.

Overnight, Typhoon Saola reached the Chinese province of Guangdong, where authorities announced the suspension of rail traffic until 6pm on Friday, while the National Flood Protection Agency raised its emergency response level to the second-highest level.

The China Meteorological Administration predicted on Friday that Chaola would become “the strongest typhoon to hit the Pearl River Delta since 1949”, referring to the low-lying area that includes Hong Kong, Macau and Guangdong province.

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Chinese authorities evacuate more than 780,000 people in Guangdong (Reuters)

South China

More than 880,000 people were evacuated in two provinces, hundreds of flights were canceled in southern China, the start of the school year in Hong Kong was postponed, and the city’s streets were deserted.

Authorities in Guangdong evacuated more than 780,000 people and sent 80,000 fishing boats back to ports, while schools in 13 cities postponed the start of the semester, and in neighboring Fujian province, more than 100,000 people evacuated to safer places.

On the other side of the South China Sea, authorities in Taiwan warned that Typhoon Haigui was fast approaching the island’s territory, and the storm’s impact was expected to be minimal.

Southern China is often exposed to typhoons that form in the warm seas east of the Philippines and move westward during summer and autumn.

Experts say climate change has increased the intensity of tropical storms, and coastal areas have been damaged by flash floods caused by rainfall and strong winds.

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