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“Out of this world” in Egypt


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – If you want to dive with friendly dolphins, you no longer have to think about the Maldives or the Bahamas.

South of the city of Marsa Alam on the Red Sea Governorate in Egypt, especially in the Wadi El-Kamal Nature Reserve, is the Sadaye Rock, which has the largest concentration of dolphins in the Red Sea, with dozens of flocks. Dolphins flirt with tourists from all over the world especially to see them.

According to the Red Sea Governorate’s online portal website, the Sadaye Rocks are considered the “home of the dolphins” in the Red Sea.

Ahmed Wahba, an Egyptian travel blogger, had an exceptional diving experience with a flock of dolphins on the Sadeh Rocks because he appeared to be part of this herd in harmonious and impressive scenes. (Watch the video above)

In an interview with CNN in Arabic, Wahba explained that he was looking for an experience that would help him interact with marine life, which he believes is far away, and chose to interact with dolphins because they are so friendly. Sea creatures.

However, dolphins swim at incredible speeds and are often difficult to catch, so the Sadaye rocks in the center of the Red Sea and surrounded by coral reefs create a relaxing environment suitable for dolphins, he said.

Wahba pointed out that although it takes 4 hours to reach the Dolphin Palace from Marsa Alam, it is worth the inconvenience.

He described swimming among a flock of Wahba dolphins as an “experience that makes you feel like you’re out of this world”.

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Although this is not the first time he has had this experience, he is not tired of trying it again.

As for how he documented this underwater experience, Wahba explained that the dolphins that go to the Satayeh reefs often seek comfort, so they often swim lightly in that area, which facilitates speed with them.

It was an exciting experience, and he said, “It’s like you’re part of the release of the movie Willie and the dolphins have agreed to join you with their herd.”

At one point, Wahba pointed out that he had been swimming for 3 minutes between flocks of dolphins, and by documenting it, he wanted to show our ability to access and interact with these majestic creatures.

Wahba added, “This is one of the best experiences you can get in Egypt.

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