February 7, 2023

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Perfect Pokemon graphics not shown ... oh

Perfect Pokemon graphics not shown … oh

Photo: Pokemon Company

Pokemon Games have played a fair share of criticism over the years, often targeting their footage. Criticisms like this also seem to have increased the likes over time Pokemon Legends: ArciusAnd Pokemon Sword and ShieldAnd also recently announced Pokemon are scarlet and purple They all get great heat from the fans in their graphic formats.

Well, Twitter user Tweet embed He has created what we think is the best 3D Pokமொmon trial we have ever seen. Creating a kind of shading effect and using the artistic style of Pokemon character designer Ken Sukimori, pokeyugami has created a wonderful mix of old and new.

That sounds good, doesn’t it? Here we consider the questionable environment to be the Viridian forest Pokemon red and blue, With common creatures of a particular region – such as pheasant, housefly and caterpillar – all roaming around. Sure, there is no detail in some areas like the bright white background, but the main protagonist is amazing!

Unfortunately, Game Freak would not choose such a style for the big Pokemon games, but we can still dream of it. However, it is clear that the panel handles 3D scenes slowly but surely, Scarlet & Violet is beautiful in some places!

What do you think about the art style presented here? Should Pokemon Games Be Like This? we will know!