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Al-Masri qualified for the 32nd round of the Confederations Cup by defeating the Ugandan Revenue Commission by a single goal at the Alexandria Stadium.

Al-Masri equalized with no goals in the first leg before winning the lower end of the second round of the 32nd round.

Islam Attia scored Al-Masri’s only goal in the first half with a superb shot.

This is the first match for Moin El Shabani of Tunisia, who coached Al-Masri in Egypt as the coach of the Port Side team.

Al-Shabani scored his first victory with al-Masri after a draw in the first match against the Ugandan champions.

The teams that exit the African Champions League will advance to the Confederations Cup, finishing 32 in the second round, from which 16 teams will qualify for the group stage.

Al-Masri is seeking to achieve the group’s group status for the third time in its history after 2018 and 2020.

Without bargains

Al-Shabani did not trust the new deals because they were not tied to Africa, so he pushed Mohammed Andar, Austin Amoto and Islam Attia into the offensive line.

Strong first stroke

Al-Masri hit hard in the first half and scored almost 5 minutes later, but the defense miraculously pushed the ball away from the goal.

Antar then hit hard in the 19th minute, but the Rivinho Authority goalkeeper saved brilliantly.

Great goal

Atiya hit the top of the crowd with a super shot from a distance in the 22nd minute.

Al-Masri’s attacks continued, with Andar hitting a powerful ball in the 31st minute that settled into the outside nets.

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A minute later, Al-Qaim Al-Masri scored the second goal of Easy Emka.

Emika came back in the 37th minute and threatened, but the goalkeeper shone and cleared the ball for the second goal.

The flow of guests

In the second half, the verse was turned upside down and the Egyptians retreated to defend themselves in the face of strong attacks from guests.

Al-Shabani pulled the trigger and replaced him with young Ziad Faraz, but the Ugandan team was too dangerous.

In the 66th minute Reveno saw a shot from the captain of the commission, but it crossed the crossbar.

Before threatening the visiting team with three consecutive shots in the 69th minute, the Egyptian defense tried to push it off.

Egyptian goalkeeper Ahmed Masood played in the 72nd minute and had a dangerous shot by Shafiq.

Syedi fired from the continent in the 78th minute.

In the sixth minute of stoppage time, Revenue Commissioner Najib Paisali received a second yellow card and left the field.

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