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PlayStation Project Q: Leaked video confirms the accessory will work on Android


Several images of the portable PlayStation Project Q have surfaced online. The images, which were originally posted to Imgur before spreading across social media, show the handset and the device’s internal components.

PlayStation has officially announced Project Q A few months ago, it said it was an accessory for the PlayStation 5, not a full-fledged portable console. Essentially, the system will allow gamers to stream games installed on their PS5 via WiFi, which limits its use considerably compared to other devices like the Steam Deck or the Asus ROG Ally.

While its launch is still pending, Twitter user Zuby_Tech has shared several photos from Project Q, along with a short video showing the wearable system in action. Using the PlayStation 5’s DualShock controller as the basis of its architecture, the handheld controller eschews the conventional aesthetics of competing handheld consoles, instead using something closer to the Backbone One accessory for iOS and Android smartphones.

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PlayStation Project Q uses Android as its operating system

In addition to revealing its design, the video also shows what appears to be Tiramisu software from Android, meaning the accessory works with Android 13 or some variant thereof. The text is in Japanese, which gives an indication of the origin of the photos and video, but the QR code displayed on the screen indicates a web page that no longer works.

There is no information about the internals of Project Q, but it will use a standard ARM SoC with enough power to receive game streams. Unfortunately, there are no Project Q game screenshots. Sony mentions that it will support 1080p 60fps gaming, but long gaming sessions shouldn’t be expected, and battery life is said to be only three to four hours, which is a bit weak for a device that doesn’t offer games natively.

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