February 6, 2023

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Rami Sabri and Rami Kamal’s concert postponed due to emergency | News

Singer Rami Kamal has announced that she is postponing her new concert with artist Rami Sabri, which is scheduled to take place on March 18.

Rami Kamal posted an advertisement for the event on his Instagram page, saying, “Due to security orders and emergencies, the date of the event has been changed to (March 31, 2022) for your safety (March 18, 2022), to ensure your safety and enjoy the party to the fullest.” . ”

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He continued, “Other surprises as compensation for this change will be announced soon.”

He added, “Entry will be made with purchased old tickets, no need to change.”

Rami Kamal, who had earlier announced about the concert through his account on Instagram, said, “My friend artist Rami Sabri and I are waiting for you at the party organized by X Creation on March 18, God willing. You can book now from the ticket mall. ”

The ceremony will take place in the open-air arena at the Cairo International Convention Center in Nasser

It is noteworthy that Rami Kamal released the song “Mesh Habib” on YouTube last January, which is one of the songs from his album “Valassa”. The song comes from the words of poet Muhammad Abu Nima and composed by Kareem Abdel Wahab.

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