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Research.. What is the benefit of using smart devices before sleep?


Follow up – Sama Ismail:

Apple’s iOS Night Shift tool dims your screen, but it’s believed not to improve sleep, according to a new study.

American researchers from Brigham Young University found that administration had no effect on the study volunteers’ ability to sleep or the quality of their sleep.

The Night Shift tool, introduced by Apple in 2016 for iOS 9.3, is integrated into Apple software and filters out short-wavelength blue light after sunset to improve sleep.

Blue light emitted by LED lights used in smartphones, tablet computers and laptops is known to disrupt a particularly good night’s rest.

“Apple’s iPhone Night Shift feature aims to improve sleep by reducing short-wavelength light emissions, but across the entire study sample, there were no differences in outcomes,” say experts from Brigham Young University (BYU) in Utah in their paper. Published in the journal Sleep Health. Nocturnal shift causes sleepiness.

Night Shift equipment filters out blue light, which is the part of the visible light spectrum visible to the human eye.

Blue light emitted from phones and other electronic devices such as computer screens and fluorescent lights disrupts melatonin secretion, which is widely believed to affect the sleep cycle.

Night Shift defaults to “warmer” orange and red colors after sunset, though users can choose to manually activate Day Shift.

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