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Ring of Fire Eclipse…Experts are expecting a rare astronomical event next week


Monday 09/October/2023 – 11:05 PM

Experts expect a rare Ring of Fire eclipse to sweep across the Western Hemisphere — much of North, South and Central America — on Oct. 14, giving millions a chance to witness the most spectacular astronomical event of the year, British reports said. Daily Mail.

The exact place and time for an annular eclipse to appear

The path of the eclipse will stretch from the west coast of the United States to northern Brazil and the Atlantic Ocean at 09:15 Pacific Time, or 16:15 GMT, and will be the first time, the researchers explained. For more than a decade, all of North America has been watching the annular eclipse.

Although the entire United States will be able to see a partial eclipse, those in the middle of the path will see about 90% of the sun covered for up to five minutes.

How to watch the solar eclipse safely

Experts advise to avoid looking directly at the Sun with the naked eye during a solar eclipse, as exposure to it can cause permanent damage to your eyes, and to use special eclipse glasses that block more light than regular glasses. , using a projector with a small pinhole, you can project the eclipse on paper or a screen and view it safely.

How does a total eclipse occur?

According to NASA, a spectacular eclipse occurs when the Earth, Sun, and Moon are in line with each other, and the Moon is farthest from Earth in its orbit, meaning it cannot completely block the Sun. , a flaming ring appears in the sky.

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