March 30, 2023

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Screening of the film "Woman of Wing C" in Morocco .. Tracking the suffering of the mentally ill.

Screening of the film “Woman of Wing C” in Morocco .. Tracking the suffering of the mentally ill.

The Moroccan film “Women of Suite C”, directed by Mohamed Nazif, premieres in Morocco on November 17.

The film was shown after receiving numerous international awards at numerous Arab and international film festivals and events.

The movie “Woman of Wing C” tells the story of 3 women suffering from depression who were forced to go to a psychiatric hospital for treatment.

The relationship of the three women begins when they share the same hospital room, but a strong friendship develops between them.

The trio embarked on a number of adventures, including their joint infiltration and night experiments outside the hospital walls on top of it.

As the events of the film unfold, the heroines tell their stories of depression, one losing his only son in a traffic accident, the other marrying his mother to a homosexual, and the third being sexually abused by his father.

The story of 3 women, besides the fourth woman, a hospital nurse named Halima also befriends them and continues to help them escape from the hospital to improve themselves.

“Woman of Wing C” stars Asma Al-Hadrami, Jaleela Al-Talmisi, Iman Mashrafi, Reem Fati, Fatima Adef, Nasreen Al-Radi and Kensa Fredo.

The shooting took 24 days and cost about $ 600,000. Including a mental hospital, a public hospital, a high school and an art college.

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