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“Secret Envision”… the first series about espionage in the “Marvel” universe


With endless movies and action sequences, the business of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is starting to get a little overwhelming for some.

But one of the advantages of these movies and series is that they are not limited to traditional superhero stories. Mystery “Wanda Vision” is a comedy series. The series “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” dealt with the issue of racism. Now the “Secret Fantasy” series, which started showing on the “Disney Plus” site on June 21, enters the world of espionage for the first time.

Samuel L. Jackson returns as Nick Fury, now at the center of the action, and gets a chance to give more depth and background to his character, who has appeared in cameo roles in several Marvel movies. “It was an opportunity,” Jackson, 74, explained in an interview with him in London, explaining that he was “interested in exploring the so-called transformation,” when the evil Thanos wiped out countless people. Then sent back.” ».

He added, “It’s an attempt to find out what happened to Nick Fury (during the transition) and what is his life like outside of his work life? We’ve never seen it before. So, this is an opportunity for the public to know about other aspects of his life outside of his work.

Known for being a tough guy, famous for wearing blindfolds and at one point enlisting the efforts of Iron Man and Captain America for a powerful shield system. But in “Secret Envision,” Fury appears weary and full of doubts in light of the daunting challenge he faces.

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Simply put, the Skrulls – aliens who can reincarnate into human form and invade their memory – are trying to take over Earth. These creatures have already managed to infiltrate important positions and have even managed to capture the identities of government leaders. Aliens seek to provoke a war between Russia and America, then take over Earth in the chaos. With her abilities, she is always one step ahead of Fury.

• Samuel L. Jackson: “It’s an opportunity we’re waiting for”.

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