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Sunak appointed David Cameron as Foreign Secretary and sacked the Home Secretary


Sunak appoints Cameron as Foreign Secretary and fires Home Secretary

The aftermath of the Gaza war and pro-Palestinian protests in Britain interfered with the need to prepare for elections expected next year, forcing British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to speed up a cabinet reshuffle that removed Home Minister Suella Braverman from the government. , and former Prime Minister David Cameron returned to the Foreign Office.

It is the latest maneuver by Sunak, whose party is lagging far behind Labor ahead of elections expected next year. Cameron’s return indicates that Sunak wants to appeal to more centrist and experienced people rather than appease his party’s right, which supported Braverman.

The amendment raises the controversy, which has caused disagreements, divisions and disagreements over Britain’s exit from the European Union, which Cameron stirred up by holding a referendum in 2016.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak outside his headquarters at 10 Downing Street in London on Monday (Reuters)

Cameron (aged 57) resigned as Prime Minister in 2016 after losing the Brexit referendum. In the same year he resigned as Member of Parliament. In 2021 he became embroiled in scandals after he lobbied the British government on behalf of the “Greensil Capital” financial group, which later collapsed, in one instance dealing a major blow to his reputation.

Downing Street announced in the House of Lords that Cameron would be granted life tenure, meaning he could hold government office. The former prime minister said she was “delighted to accept” the post, while Britain faces “difficult international challenges”. He added: “While I have been out of politics for the past seven years, I hope my experience as Conservative Leader for 11 years and as Prime Minister for 6 years will help the Prime Minister meet these important challenges.” .”

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Sunak came under fire from opposition lawmakers and demands from members of the ruling Conservative Party that Sunak then implement a cabinet reshuffle designed to attract allies and remove ministers he failed. Their work. He was forced to take preemptive action last week when the controversial Braverman challenged him on an unauthorized article.

It fueled tensions between a pro-Palestinian protest and another far-right protest on Saturday, which the opposition Labor Party said resulted in around 150 arrests.

Former Home Secretary Suella Braverman leaves her home in London on Monday (Reuters)

Braverman’s dismissal was not surprising; But Cameron’s nomination sent shockwaves through the Conservative Party, and was welcomed by centrist lawmakers and alienated some on the right.

Cameron said he was delighted to take on his new role; Because in a time of global change, “nothing is more important to this country than standing with our allies, strengthening our partnerships, and making sure our voices are heard.”

Braverman was replaced by former Secretary of State James Cleverley. Smartly seen as trustworthy and intelligent, he made a quick statement that his new role was to “keep people in this country safe.”

Braverman is controversial

Braverman said after his dismissal: “Being Home Secretary has been the greatest privilege of my life… I will say more in due course.”

Braverman stirred controversy during his tenure; It has taken a particularly hardline stance on immigration, and has repeatedly addressed the culture wars it sees as divisive among voters. But his position became untenable last week after he wrote a controversial article without Sunak’s approval in a newspaper in which he accused the police of supporting left-wing causes.

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New British Home Secretary James made a smart exit from 10 Downing Street in London on Monday (EPA).

The article was responsible for escalating tensions ahead of weekend protests in Gaza that called for a ceasefire and commemorated “Ceasefire Day” that sparked calls for his impeachment. Protesters said his statements encouraged far-right extremists to organize counter-demonstrations on the sidelines of the main parade on Saturday, leading to dozens of arrests.

Downing Street has launched an investigation into how the article was published without his permission under the ministerial code. Braverman’s statements, received by the right wing of the ruling Conservative Party, were seen as an attempt to market himself as a future Conservative leader. It comes just days after he described marches calling for a ceasefire in Gaza as “hateful marches” and noted that “some choose (homelessness) as a way of life”. The right-wing politician attacked his opponents, whom he described as “tofu-eaters who follow wok culture”, while hinting shortly after his appointment that sending asylum seekers to Rwanda was a “dream” and an “obsession” for him.

After his withdrawal, Braverman’s interest may focus on preparing for a possible future contest for the party leadership if the Conservatives lose — as polls indicate — expected to take place next year.

Sunak strengthens his team

Sunak’s changes are part of the first major reshuffle among key ministers since he took office in October last year. The Conservatives, who have been in power for about 14 years, said the changes “strengthen his team in government to implement long-term decisions for a brighter future”. The new results, announced during the day, are expected to reward loyalists and younger budding MPs as the party struggles to gain popularity.

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Labor continues to lead by 20 points in the polls and Sunak has failed to close the gap.

Labor has described Sunak as weak since Braverman’s article was published on Wednesday. Opposition lawmakers said frustration prompted the decision to appoint Cameron.

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