May 24, 2022

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Surprised to be struck by thunder as he suffered from abdominal pain

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For two months, Keith Topper, 55, felt pain and discomfort when he went to the toilet, before noticing the bleeding.

Keith says according to the English website “Liverpool Echo”: “Some days, I felt my stomach turn because there were annoying sounds.”

Keith did not go to the doctors because of the closure imposed in the UK following the corona infection.

The Englishman tried to treat the pain with pills and thought he was suffering from hemorrhoids, but these treatments were not effective in stopping the pain.

Eventually, he sought the help of a general practitioner, who asked him to perform a colonoscopy to check for abnormal changes in the large intestine.

Then came the shocking news: the person was diagnosed with bowel cancer.

“I doubted it,” he says, “I had it in mind, so I was ready for the worst half.”

Nevertheless, Keith experienced a half-day-long shock, after which he went home and told the family about the difficult matter.

“I did not know what cancer was for two months.

According to Sky News Arabia, after doctors discovered the cancer had spread to the lymph nodes, the British man underwent 4 hours of surgery to remove part of his intestine, followed by 4 rounds of chemotherapy.

Keith shares his story during Bowel Cancer Awareness Month each April, encouraging others to be aware of the symptoms and seek medical advice if they have any concerns.