June 7, 2023

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الصورة : حفل الفنان تامر حسني على مسرح اليوبيل

Tamer Hosni .. “Full Release” at the Expo

D + D – Normal size

The front view of the Jubilee Theater was not ordinary, as part of it seemed to be planted by people and fans of the Egyptian artist Damer Hosni, who flocked to the venue from all sides to enjoy listening to the songs “The Star of”. Expo 2020 is the generation that was able to ignite the atmosphere in Dubai ”, spreading joy and delight in the heads of his fans, his songs that never stopped singing, Damer Hosni splitting the” size “of the audience, and his song that always rises with the atmosphere of the” YouTube “site.

Great success

Tamer Hosni’s concert was a success by all standards, in which he raised the slogan “integer”, in which the audience showed a significant connection with the Egyptian artist, who landed for the first time at the Expo 2020 Dubai Exhibition Grounds. A clear impact and beautiful moments will live on in the hearts of his fans, long remembered by the audience, “Najm al-Jil” party differs by its performance columns, he presented it in the form. “Medley” performed on the shoulders of a group of his fast-dancing songs, who surrounded the whole place without fire and smoke.

Thanks and compliments

During his concert, Damer Hosni did not forget to thank Emirates and Dubai for hosting his concert, where he said: “I was honored to have the largest audience at Expo 2020 Dubai, thanks to my dear audience who attended. From all over the Arab world and around the world.” At the same time, Hosni’s face thanked Al-Yassiri Art Production Company for hosting the Expo 2020 in Dubai, expressing great delight at the significant success of the festival. Arrived in Dubai until the end of the ceremony.

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During the ceremony, Damer Hosni did not reduce his fans, he opened the doors of his archive to him and allowed them to choose the songs they would like to hear during the concert. For his part, Salah al-Yassiri, the producer and director of Al-Yassiri Art Productions, expressed his delight at the significant success of Damer Hosni’s concert at Expo 2020 Dubai, while emphasizing the high number of surprises. It will be presented at an international exhibition in the near future, and at the invitation of the big and famous stars of the Arab world, their names will be subsequently released according to the schedule of upcoming concerts.