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The director of “Breaking a Phone” responds to Fouad Hamira’s allegations


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April 20 2022 1:22 GMT

Updated: April 20 2022 2:40 GMT

Rasha Sharbatji, director of the “Kasr A Bone” series, has attacked Syrian writer Fouad Hamira for accusing the makers of the “Kasr Osm” series of stealing his script. Fouad Hamira recently made public allegations

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Rasha Sharbatji, director of the “Qasr A Bone” series, has attacked Syrian writer Fouad Hamira for accusing the makers of the “Qasr A Phone” series of stealing his script.

Fouad Hamira recently leveled public and blatant allegations against the company that produced the “Kisser Adam” series, one of the most important works of the Ramadan season in Syria and the Arab world. The text of the series was stolen from the text “Hyatt Salty”, which did not see the light of day.

Rasha Sharbatji said in a post on her official Facebook page: After the recent hype about stealing from him the idea for the Kasr Osm series and Professor Fawad Hamira’s Salty Life series, I think this is my turn. As a director I need to clarify all the details, especially since I am a director. “Bone is broken” and I was going to execute “Saline Life” one day, I have full knowledge of both scripts.

Sharbatji added, “After receiving the paper written by Fouad, the story began in 2010.” A Salt Life. “The work was written in only 200 pages.

She asked: “Here we ask Mr. Fuad because he declared that he had received his full balance from Clockett, that is, that the full rights to the text became hers. It will be of great benefit to her because Professor Fuat’s name is well known and audiences are thirsty to see his new work.

He said: “Second, the AIDS line that writer Fawad speaks of is like a fracture. This line is in 24 scenes out of 1200 scenes, and it’s completely different from what was mentioned in Malha’s life. Does every work present the idea that there is an officer suffering from AIDS? We are in front of dozens of stolen Syrian and Arab works, and if it is actually stolen we hope he will tell us what will happen to the diseased characters in the coming episodes.

Sharbatji continued in his publication, “In Breaking the Bone”, there is a line called “Abla” seeking revenge on one of the perpetrators who killed her husband, which was repeated both in the play and in the play itself. Cinema is the norm. “

He concludes his post: “In general, I have no problem collaborating with such an important writer as Professor Fouad Hamira, especially after a wonderful and fruitful collaboration in the Kazlan series on the wolf, but I have a great thing. What I did not do throughout my humble life, he pointed the finger at me and accused me of being a real thief. The audience must judge, not us, especially because we had in the first place the idea and views of the original salt life that did not turn into a complete text. “

The series “Qasr Adam” was shown on Syrian and Arab television stations from the beginning of the month of Ramadan with the participation of a group of well – known Syrian artists, and the work was written, scripted and spoken by an unknown author. Ali Moin Saleh, and Yahd al-Najjar for his art production through his “Clockt” company.

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