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The “Hope Probe” draws a detailed map of the Red Planet’s atmosphere


Dubai: Yamama Padwan

The Emirates Mars Exploration Program, the “Hope Probe”, continues to record unprecedented achievements in mapping the Red Planet’s atmosphere in detail by providing 3.3 terabytes of continuous observations and scientific data. Their kind from the start of its scientific mission to Mars, launched at the end of May 2021.

The Hope probe was able to provide the first complete picture of the various layers of the Martian atmosphere, day and night, and during all seasons of the Martian year, which is equivalent to two Earth years. Martian climate explains the red planet’s atmospheric decay processes and causes surface temperatures, and measures the visual depth of dust, clouds, and atmospheric water vapor abundances. Full-day, and semi-seasonal measurements on Mars contribute to understanding the composition and structure of the Red Planet’s upper atmosphere and its seasonal changes.

The Emirates Mars Exploration Program announced earlier this year that it will extend its scientific mission on the Red Planet, continuing its string of achievements, including the observation of the first spectral image by providing the first images of its kind, the moon “Deimos”. In the extreme ultraviolet rays of “Deimos”.

The project was able to monitor “Deimos” with three-dimensional images that reflect the performance of the science equipment carried by the probe, a digital probe camera that captures high-resolution color images of Mars. Used to measure snow and ozone in the lower atmosphere, as well as infrared spectra. Infrared spectra measure temperature and distribution of dust, water vapor and ice clouds in the lower atmosphere, and oxygen and carbon monoxide in the Martian thermosphere and hydrogen and oxygen in the Martian exterior.

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