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The Intellectual Present and Absent – Al-Ittihad Newspaper


When you sit with an old-time intellectual, you see him as a collection of multiple cultures and readings, revisiting its forgotten history, retelling it anew and elevating it. Look at him with a low smile, a high stature, a clear mind, old as he is, you see him in a light, from the culture around him, his feelings drifting to a painting he’s drawn, or an idea he’s created, or a wonderful sound drowning his senses, in this strange setting. , the heart beats with culture, and the mind embraces its long-range hatred, it repeats its cultural message, and refuses to let go of it. The cultural element, as time rages on, has built around itself this cultural boom, cultural institutions, and so many forums. He is the only one who cheers up the world around him. A person who evokes peaks and shines a unique, prominent and fascinating image, language, culture and element, no one compares to him in his culture and thought.
Cultural visions disintegrate, and the intellectual remains far away from the din of celebration to paint his culture, dazzle his brush with colors, paint artistic sketches and prepare his writings, feeling its final anxieties.
Another turns away from the image of the wild and disappears from memory, returning to confirm the great meaning of culture and its expression carved in memory, another completely leaves the stage of cultural life, surprising the audience with the degree of success. The documentary festival carries the gospel from afar. There is no confusion in the creative image. He writes it with a silk pen or directs it with the ambition of art and artist.
You can leave the doorstep of a writer, a friend of a writer, and behind you is a library full of books and novel manuscripts. Each book has a story and a phase of life, hiding its secrets and its code, but it is not hidden. He is always interested in this library legacy and art paintings. Every title is breath taking.
A few days ago, I passed by some friends, writers, writers, it was a quick visit, but it was full of beautiful meaning, ideas and visions, time was not enough. The intellectual to see and sit. It has become a rare phenomenon. It is rare to access the status and literary culture that embodies the visions of life. To provoke thoughts and search for those who are not in life. The years were as if they separated you in darkness and silence, and in its usual phase of intellectual alienation combined with temporary trickery.
It is a beautiful act to put the cultural friendship in its detailed writings, without wasting its beautiful image, even if its magic fades a little, even if the poet friends depart on the lute of their poems, their images remain vibrant. Cities, in conversation with their world, are why only poetry has the ability to provide a long-term text.

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