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The Spanish film about the Catalan family won the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival


Director Carla Simon with her award (Abdelhamid Hospice / Anatolia Agency)

Spanish director Carla Simon’s “Alcarus” won the biggest awards Berlin Film Festival International (Berlin) Wednesday.

A film about the divisions that affect the family members of tight-knit farmers CataloniaWhen they were expelled from their ancestral land.

Simon Alcarus grew up on a beach farm in the village, and his film relied on amateur actors from the area, who he picked from the village markets and trained to play the roles of several generations of a small family.

Nate Shyamlan, chairman of the jury, announced the award for Best Picture in the first edition of live screenings at the festival after the end of last year; He praised the director’s ability to organize strong performances of actors from childhood to eighty years due to corona virus infection.

“This is fantastic because it’s a short story about farmers and my family and a small village, and because it’s so local, it’s good to go international,” Simon said, standing on the red carpet and celebrating the world’s attention. He hopes his film will win the award.

He described his film as a study of tensions between generations and how these tensions and other rifts deepen with the shock of seeing a lifestyle that was once believed to be eternal evaporate.

At an emotional ceremony, many of the winners of the best documentary presented their prizes to friends who died of COVID-19 disease, which won the award for “Myanmar Diaries”, a documentary produced by ten unknown directors. The materials they photographed were smuggled abroad, integrated and delivered to provide a picture of life Myanmar Since last year’s coup.

Amid tense and rapid diplomacy centered on Russia’s intentions towards Ukraine, some prizes gave voice to the traditional role of the Berlin Festival as the only political festival of the 1950s in a city divided on the front lines of the Cold War.

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The award for best short film went to the 20-minute film “Drop” by recent graduate Anastasia Weber, which depicts the life of a group of young people in Russia chasing the pleasures of nightlife and trying to escape the clutches of the police.

The film “Rabia Kurnaz vs. George Bush” (Rabia Kurnaz vs. George Bush) won two awards for Best Screenplay and Best Performance for her portrayal of the world as a flexible mother to German actress Meldem Captain of Turkish descent. By the power of absolute love.


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