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Tiffany & Co. Opens the first Blue Box Cafe in the Middle East


Mark declared .Tiffany & Co Reflecting the house’s pioneering position in the world of fine jewelery and luxury living experiences, today announced the opening of the first Blue Box Café in the Middle East.. The cafe is located in the Grand Atrium of The Dubai Mall, and its facade is decorated with jewels similar to the facade of the brand’s flagship store in Dubai.. The luxurious ambiance of the cafe embodies the glamor of the world .Tiffany & Co It is comparable to the luxury of diamond stones, giving visitors an unparalleled, high-quality experience..

Echoing the atmosphere of the Blue Box Cafe at The Landmark, the brand’s flagship store on Fifth Avenue, the new cafe features a space with… 41 Bright seating and flooring with vibrant color details designed by renowned architect Peter Marino. The ceiling is adorned with a box-shaped chandelier Tiffany Blue® boxes It hangs from exclusively designed furniture, from luxurious glass tables to the famous Tiffany blue striped chairs adorned with the brand’s unique monograms.. The walls also shine with artistic paintings including paintings What things From a collection of Tiffany works by renowned painter Richard Prince, with unique fabric-covered wall detailing in the famous Tiffany blue.® To add more glamor and luxury to the interior decoration.

Tiffany & Co.  Opens the first Blue Box Cafe in the Middle East

The cafe’s exterior design is in keeping with the famous house’s tradition of creating the most beautiful and beautiful display windows, giving shoppers in the mall a great opportunity to learn about fine jewelry designs and explore the cafe’s beauty through its uniqueness. Glass facades.. The house’s dedication to creating the best movie viewing windows is evident Breakfast at Tiffany’s Famous for depicting scenes that exemplify the adoration and attraction of the main character, Holly Colkidley, to the glamor of the flagship storefront on Fifth Avenue in New York..

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Tiffany & Co.  Opens the first Blue Box Cafe in the Middle East

The Blue Box Cafe serves delicious seasonal dishes from classic New York cuisine, inspired by French cuisine.. The menu presents three luxurious and innovative experiences in collaboration with Rigas Hospitality Group and inspired by heritage .Tiffany & Co The Breakfast at Tiffany’s New York City experience, with its elegant presentation, and Tea at Tiffany’s is a relaxing afternoon experience with sumptuous dining options inspired by the sophistication of French cuisine. , available throughout the day in a comfortable and luxurious atmosphere..

Tiffany & Co.  Opens the first Blue Box Cafe in the Middle East

The cafe offers its delicious options in various dishes and dishes Tiffany D True For tableware decorated in the famous Tiffany blue®Inspired by the jewelry collection of the same name, it sparkles with letterform details D It becomes an important symbol of the iconic brand. The collection’s pieces feature innovative designs made from the finest ceramics from the French city of Limoges, embellished with symbols. Tiffany D True Hand painted in luxurious gold, according to geometric patterns. Food options and sumptuous wine beverages, including croissants, delicious pastries and the famous Tiffany coffee, along with black Angus beef steaks, provide visitors with an exceptionally high-quality experience..

Tiffany & Co.  Opens the first Blue Box Cafe in the Middle East

Blue Box Cafe is a new addition to Rikkas Hospitality Group’s award-winning restaurants and cafes in the UAE, which include La Cantine du Faubourg, Nineve, Mimi Kakushi, Twiggy by La Canteen, Lanna Lousa, Madeleine & Marcel, Kema, Tagomago. and reflects a new partnership with La Cantine du Faubourg in Mykonos .Tiffany & Co Rigas Hospitality Group’s philosophy is to create a rich and innovative food culture and provide authentic and luxurious hospitality experiences..

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The cafe opened its doors 19 This October at the brand’s flagship store on the first floor of The Dubai Mall’s Grand Atrium..

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