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To compete with “GPT Chat”, Google is going to launch “Gemini” artificial intelligence program.


Alphabet Inc. Google has given a small number of companies early access to a version of its conversational artificial intelligence software, Gemini, the newspaper reported.Information“, Thursday, citing people familiar with the matter.

A report cited by Reuters said the “Gemini” project aims to compete with OpenAI’s “GBT-SAT” GBT-4 model, which has started to generate significant revenue for the startup for financial institutions and other organizations. Companies pay in exchange for access.

Giving outside developers access to Gemini means Google is closer to integrating it into its consumer services and selling it to enterprises through the company’s cloud unit, the information explained.

Gemini aims to compete with OpenAI’s GBT-4 model, which has started to generate significant revenue for the startup as financial institutions and other organizations pay for access to the model and the ChatGBT bot that runs on it.

“ChatGPT”, a popular chatbot launched in November, has created demand for using artificial intelligence in everyday tasks from traditional writing to writing encryption codes, and has registered 100 million monthly active users in the country. January, two months after its launch, according to Reuters.

“GBT Chat” is the fastest growing application offered to users and boasts of reaching 1.5 billion visits per month and is one of the top 20 websites in the world.

Visits to GPT Chat, for example, are higher than visits to Bing, a search engine powered by Microsoft that supports OpenAI and uses its technology.

OpenAI expects to generate $200 million in revenue this year. Besides ChatGPT, the company makes money by selling access to its artificial intelligence models directly to developers and enterprises via API, and through a partnership with Microsoft, which invested more than ten billion dollars in the startup.

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