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Top 4 Insurance Companies in Ajman Emirate


Ajman Emirate is very popular among residents and tourists of the United Arab Emirates because it is no less important than any other city in the country. Due to the large population of the emirate, many insurance companies have opened in Ajman to provide various insurance services to the people.

Best Insurance Companies in Ajman

Union Insurance Company

Being a relatively new company, Union Company was established in 1998 and known for its exceptional rates and unique and popular packages, it has been able to compete with various car insurance companies in Ajman due to the renowned services it provides. Because it provides comprehensive insurance for the vehicle and some additional services like third party insurance and roadside maintenance services.

Location: Ajman Building, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Street
Contact: 06 701 4666

Oman Insurance Company

It was opened in the Emirate of Ajman since 1975 and since then has continued to provide a wide range of high quality services until it is considered by some of the best health insurance companies in Ajman. Notably, it does not focus only on the health insurance sector, but goes beyond the health insurance sector and covers various types of insurance such as car insurance, life insurance and travel insurance.

Location: Mashreq Bank Building, Sheikh Rashid Bin Humaid Al Nuaimi Street
Contact: 04 233 7777

Al Sakr Insurance Co

Falcon Insurance Company is one of the oldest health insurance companies in Ajman, Ajman and elsewhere in the UAE, dating back to 1979, and its branches are spread across many cities in the UAE. In terms of insurance, it is a multi-purpose company that offers all types of insurance including health insurance, car insurance, travel insurance and life insurance.

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Location: Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Street
Contact: 06 731 3216

Buhaira Insurance

It started in this sector in 1978 and due to the instant success the company achieved, it has branches in various cities of the UAE, which also contributes to the diversity of the insurance services it offers. As one of the leading insurance companies in Ajman, the emirate is committed to meeting all insurance needs of residents, starting with health insurance, through life and travel insurance, to utilities and car insurance.

Location: Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Street
Contact: 06 746 7777

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