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Tour of 5 restaurants in Turkey for delicious food at affordable prices


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – When moving to a new country most people are eager to try its traditional cuisine. Bernice Romo, who created the Mexican content, is also one of the favorite areas to travel to.

With that, Romo decided to share some options of Turkish restaurants so that you can enjoy the traditional taste of the country at a reasonable price. (Watch the video above)

Here is a list of restaurants and dishes recommended by the creator of Mexican Content:

Balkan Lokantasi Restaurant

  • Lentil soup
  • Grape leaves
  • Slice the meat with the mashed potatoes

total amount: Less than 30 lira, less than two dollars

Melekler Durum Restaurant

  • Adana Kabab with Iron Yogurt
  • Gunafa

total amount: 38 lira or about two and a half dollars

Sultanahmet Koftecisi مطعم Restaurant

  • Kofta
  • Bean salad
  • Iron milk

total amount: 36 lira or about two and a half dollars

Hokapasa PDCC. Restaurant

  • Pieces of meat and cheese

total amount: 25 Turkish liras, which is more than one and a half dollars

Saila Mandi. Restaurant

total amount: 25 Turkish liras, which is more than one and a half dollars

Pancakes are a favorite of Mexican content creators. Pancakes vary depending on their components.

For example, you could eat a cheesecake with mashed potatoes and some pancakes with meat or “choke”, a type of spicy sausage.

Those who do not eat meat, can choose cheese and chopped vegetables.

The video received many positive comments.

Romo encourages all visitors to try different dishes of Turkish cuisine because they are so different.

There are many more dishes, the list could not be shown in the video because it is too long.

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Romo wants to show you more about this country, not only about the Turkish city of Istanbul where you live, but also about other provinces in Turkey.

In fact, each region has unique cuisine that is not well known among foreign visitors.

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