June 2, 2023

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"Trends" continues its participation in the Anti-Terrorism Conference in Cairo

“Trends” continues its participation in the Anti-Terrorism Conference in Cairo

Abu Dhabi (Etihad)

Following the participation of the Trends Center for Research and Consultation in the first annual conference of the Salam Center for the Study of Extremism in Cairo, its work continues in Cairo: “Intellectual Fundamentals and Strategies for Conflict”. Delegates from about 40 countries attended.
Aside from his participation, CEO Dr. The “Trends” group, led by Mohammed Abdullah al-Ali, discussed with international delegates and religious figures the ways to combat extremism and the topics presented at the conference, ways for cooperation and the conference. Coordination between these parties with “trends” in areas of common interest research. “Trends” delegation, Dr. Mufti of the Arab Republic of Egypt. Dr. Shawki Allam, Advisor to the Republic Mufti. Ibrahim Nekm met with Sheikh Abu Bakr Ahmed, Secretary General of the World Stock and Fatwa Organization. , Mufti of India, Dr. Jahangir Khan, Director of the United Nations Center for Counter-Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism and Dr. Muhammad al-Bashari, Faisal bin Muammar, Secretary-General of the World Council of Muslim Communities. , General Superintendent of the Salam Center for Cultural Understanding and Mansurbek Klishev, Ambassador of Egypt to the Republic of Uzbekistan. The delegation also met with Dr. Akila Debeshi, Director of the French Center for Strategic and International Studies, Jasim Mohammed, Director of the European Center for Counter-Terrorism Studies, Grand Mufti of the Republic of Kazakhstan and President Sheikh Nourisbay Haji Takanouli Udpenov. Religious Administration for Muslims in Kazakhstan, former Mufti Mustafa Serg of Bosnia and Herzegovina and representatives of the Emirates Research and Strategic Research Center.
The “Trends” delegation, which attended the Salam Center’s first annual conference on counter-terrorism, visited the Al-Azhar Observatory to review differing views and collaborative research cooperation with its officials on ways to counter terrorism. Dr. Reham Abdullah, Managing Director of Al-Azhar Laboratory, praised the role of “trends” and its research efforts and dissemination of accurate knowledge.
During the fourth session, the “Trends” delegation will participate in a workshop entitled “Towards an Integrated Strategy for Countering Terrorism in the Digital Age” and will participate in a workshop within the conference activities: “Research Contributions (Arabic and English) in the Fight Against Terrorism and Terrorism.”
The CEO of the Center is Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali said the Centre’s participation in this international conference was meant to enrich and inform participants of a summary of “trends” research efforts related to the topic and topic of the conference. , “Trends” to enhance the presence of researchers and to integrate them into Arab and international forums and to enable their contribution to the creation of events and the forecasting of the future.

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