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Upstairs High School of Excellence receives American Astronaut “Ayesha Bau”.



Upstairs High School of Excellence receives American Astronaut “Ayesha Bau”.

Written by Mahmood Taha Hussain

Thursday, October 12, 2023 04:20 PM

“Ayesha Bau”: The students of Madi’s STEM School are an inspiration and role model for all girls and will make a difference and change in the future.

During the visit of the Ministry of Education with the American Astronaut, the Chairman of the Central Administration for Education Mr. Dr. Mohammed Attia, Director General of the General Administration of STEM Schools. Aziza Rajab, School Director Maisa Abdel Ghader were present. , and the United States Agency for International Development, Claire Eliassi, Chair of the Basic Education Group Ahmed Rizkalla, Program Manager and Senior Education Officer.

The American astronaut expressed his delight at being in Egypt and visiting the STEM school upstairs to share his experiences and scientific and professional history with the students.

During his visit to the school, the American astronaut visited the school which includes 15 classrooms, chemistry, physics, biology, geography and computer labs, dining halls, study halls, sports fields and activity rooms with 360 students. He explored all school labs, including the “Fab Lab,” which helps students implement prototypes for research projects. It consists of devices such as a “shopbot” device, a 3D printer, and an activation part. He appreciated the electronic circuits, student designs and the school’s latest practical equipment and advanced laboratories.

Ayesha Bau asked the students to explain the uses of the various devices and the instructions for using each device and their commitment to taking into account safety and security in using the devices. He also saw the designs and plans he prepared. The students praised these projects and the efforts of all those in charge of this special academic building, stressing that the students of the Science and Technology (STEM) School upstairs are inspirations and role models for all girls.

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The students also discussed the school’s curriculum where students expressed their delight at the education system based on teaching advanced curricula in science, technology and mathematics. In addition, they work to prepare them in accordance with national and international standards for the labor market by acquiring skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving skills, innovation, creativity, initiative, communication and teamwork.

Aisha Bou gave a presentation in which she reviewed her experiences and scientific and professional history, she holds a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering and a master’s degree in engineering, and a doctorate in aerospace systems engineering from the University of Michigan. He is also a member of the university’s Aerospace Industry Advisory Board.

She went on to say that thanks to her work at NASA, she has achieved many achievements related to space exploration, and that in 2024 she plans to become part of the first space flight crew made up entirely of African-American women.

Aisha Bou sent a message to the students of the STEM school in Maadi to pursue their excellence, believe in their abilities and not put a ceiling on their ambitions, because they will make a difference and a change in the future, not only for their country, but for the whole world.

The school’s female students gave a presentation on schools for excellent students in Science and Technology (STEM), including the vision and interest of the Ministry of Education and expanding their numbers across the country, providing all support. To learn and practice activities related to the school curriculum and provide them with the life skills they need to succeed in all aspects of their academic and professional lives.

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Ayesha Bau’s Visit to School of Excellence in Science and Technology (1)

Ayesha Bau’s Visit to School of Excellence in Science and Technology (2)

Ayesha Bau’s Visit to School of Excellence in Science and Technology (3)

Ayesha Bau’s Visit to School of Excellence in Science and Technology (4)

Ayesha Bau’s Visit to School of Excellence in Science and Technology (5)

Ayesha Bau and STEM School Students in Madi (1)

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After an ear piercing, your skin microbiome changes in a big way Science



After an ear piercing, your skin microbiome changes in a big way Science

The first study of the skin burrowing microbiome (the microbiome is the sum of human or other organisms living on the skin or in the gut) reveals how sudden perturbations such as burrowing can trigger fundamental ecological change. Increases biodiversity, lays the foundation for the development of burrows. A model for understanding how communities respond to rapid environmental change.

From the perspective of the bacteria, eukaryotes, and other microscopic organisms that call the skin home, a puncture is as catastrophic and terrifying an event as a giant earthquake or meteorite strike, and this has been demonstrated in microbial analysis.

Self-engineering of the ecological landscape

In a study conducted by a team from Canada’s McGill University, researchers for the first time introduced science to an unexpected environment, a tattoo parlor. In this first characterization of the human borehole microbiome, the unique human cultural practice of the borehole serves as a model system to better understand how biological communities reassemble after environmental disturbances.

The piercing process usually starts by disinfecting the skin and removing the microbes from it, then creating a new environment for the piercing, which is different from previously unpierced skin, and acts as a “clean slate” for colonization of new microbes. Social.

Charles Shaw, a doctoral student in biology who led the study, said in a press release from the university. Piercing the skin also represents an accidental act. “From Self-Engineering to Environmental Landscape in Human Skin.”

From October 2019 to March 2020, researchers recruited 28 people who had their ears pierced at a specific location in Montreal. Then, skin swab samples were collected before the participants got their ears pierced and several times during the two weeks after the piercings.

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A sudden event like ear piercing can drastically alter the skin microbiome (Shutterstock).

Understanding the biological effects of environmental phenomena

The results of the study, published in the journal Royal Society B, highlight how a sudden event like piercing can radically change the skin microbiome. Compared to unpunctured control cases, the puncture site showed an increase in the number of unique DNA sequences and species, indicating an increasingly diverse and ecologically complex microbiome at the puncture site, dominated by two opposite types of bacteria.

With this new understanding of the microbe that penetrates the skin, the study lays the groundwork for further research into the prevention and control of other types of piercing, tattoo microbe and skin infections, says Xu.

Looking beyond the human body, Shaw’s supervisor Professor Rowan Barrett said such studies could help understand the biological consequences of large-scale catastrophic environmental events.

“The hole represents a good model that can be followed to better understand the general processes associated with community assembly after environmental change,” he adds.

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10 Foods That Cause Anxiety And Stress.. Know What To Eat Instead



10 Foods That Cause Anxiety And Stress.. Know What To Eat Instead

Written by Merwat Rashad

Sunday, December 10, 2023 at 07:00 AM

Did you know that certain foods can cause anxiety and stress? While caffeine and sugar are known to affect our moods, many unexpected factors can exacerbate these feelings. In this report, we’ll critically examine 10 food triggers, explain why this effect exists, and suggest alternatives. Healthy to help you maintain a balanced and calm state of mind, according to the website “Onegreenplanet”.

1. Processed foods

It often contains Processed foods High amounts of refined carbohydrates, unhealthy fats and additives can cause your blood sugar to spike and crash, causing mood swings and increased anxiety. Choose whole, unprocessed foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

2. Artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose have been linked to increased anxiety symptoms.Choose natural sweeteners like honey or enjoy the sweetness of natural fruit.

3. Fried foods

Fried foods are often high in unhealthy trans fats, which contribute to inflammation in the body and affect brain health. Instead, opt for baked or grilled alternatives for a healthier option.

4. High fructose corn syrup

High-fructose corn syrup, commonly found in sugary drinks and processed snacks, can increase inflammation and oxidative stress, which can worsen anxiety symptoms. Choose water, herbal teas, or homemade fruit juices instead.

5. Too much salt

Consuming too much salt can upset the balance of electrolytes in the body, leading to dehydration and stress. Instead use herbs, spices or citrus juices to enhance the flavor of your food.

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6. Fast food

Fast food is usually high in unhealthy fats, sodium and additives. These substances can negatively affect mood and contribute to feelings of anxiety. Choose home-cooked meals using fresh ingredients whenever possible.

7. Dairy products

Some individuals may be sensitive to dairy products, which can cause digestive problems and inflammation, which can affect mood and increase anxiety. Consider alternatives such as almond milk, coconut milk, or dairy-free yogurt.

8. Refined grains

Refined grains such as white bread, white rice, and pasta have a high glycemic index, causing rapid rises and falls in blood sugar levels. This can contribute to mood swings and feelings of anxiety. Choose quinoa, brown rice, and whole grains. Wheat bread instead.

9. Red meat

Consuming high amounts of red meat has been linked to higher levels of anxiety and depression. Try to include lean protein sources like fish, chicken or legumes in your diet.

10. Artificial food coloring

Artificial food coloring, commonly found in processed snacks and beverages, has been linked to hyperactivity and increased anxiety in some individuals, especially children. Choose natural food colors or snacks without artificial colors.

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Maiara has called for increased funding for climate and energy change



Maiara has called for increased funding for climate and energy change

Hepa Press – and MA

Nam Mayara, Chairman of the Council of Advisors and President of the Mediterranean Parliament, stressed on Saturday that parliamentary diplomacy has a very important role to play in solving climate change crises.

In her speech during the high-level segment of the COP28 conference, Mayara explained that parliamentary diplomacy is thrusting itself into the international arena to contribute to resolving crises, particularly in relation to strengthening affirmative action and intensifying efforts to curb climate change.

He said during the second session of the Marrakesh Parliamentary Economic Forum for the Euro-Mediterranean and the Gulf region, to be hosted by Morocco in June next year, “work will be carried out to establish a parliamentary group in the Euro-Mediterranean region”. Gulf for the promotion of renewable energies, which was established in the Mediterranean Parliament.” Average year 2022.”

He pointed to the current climate emergency and its unprecedented effects on the Euro-Mediterranean region and the Gulf, such that temperatures in the Mediterranean Sea are rising 20 percent faster than the global average, while the Gulf Sea is the warmest in the world.

After applauding the decision to implement a “loss and damage” fund to compensate countries most affected by climate change, he called for intensified efforts and increased funding for climate and energy change.

During another meeting held within the framework of the COP28 conference, Maira emphasized Morocco’s commitment to effectively contribute to the continent’s dynamics to protect Africa from the dangers of the climate crisis and protect the rights of future generations to development and progress.

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He pointed out that Africa is at the heart of the scourge of climate change, noting that it is the continent that emits the least amount of greenhouse gas emissions that lead to global warming, which undermines the continent’s capacity for growth, progress and prosperity. Fundamental rights of millions of Africans.

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