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Valens Clinic Expands Services: Introducing Child Mental Health Care in Dubai


Dubai, 27th August 2023 – Responding to a growing need in the community, The Valens Clinic, located in the heart of Dubai, is pleased to introduce child mental health care services to its range of offerings. This comes as the next step after their four months of dedicated service in the field of mental health. Spearheading this crucial division from September 2023 will be Dr. Daniela Graf.

Mental health challenges, unfortunately, do not discriminate by age. Recent data indicates that 10-20% of children and adolescents worldwide experience mental disorders (as per WHO). In light of this, and considering the unique challenges faced by the youth in today’s rapidly changing environment, the timely addition of child mental health services at The Valens Clinic stands as a significant move.

This expansion focuses on offering specialized care to children through services like psychiatry, psychotherapy, and neurodevelopmental assessments, ensuring they navigate their challenges with the right support. With Dr. Daniela Graf, an experienced figure in child mental health, at the helm, the Clinic is positioned to provide competent care tailored to the needs of young patients.

Dr. Joseph Khoury, Co-founder of the Valens Clinic, stated, “The world today presents children with an intricate blend of societal and technological shifts. We need to address their mental well-being with a culturally relevant approach. This expansion is a step in that direction.”

Prioritizing evidence-based approaches, The Valens Clinic aims to offer children and their families reliable and updated care solutions. Introducing child mental health services is not just about extending services; it’s about ensuring that the future of UAE, its children, grow in a supportive environment that understands the nuances of their well-being.

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About The Valens Clinic: Nestled in Dubai, The Valens Clinic stands as a responsive pillar in the domain of mental health care. Upholding principles of health, hope, and harmony, the clinic consistently adapts to cater to community needs. With the introduction of specialized child mental health care under the guidance of Dr. Daniela Graf, the clinic continues its journey to support the mental health needs of all age demographics. For a deeper insight into their services, visit

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