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Swiss cheese and a private island…Kim Jong Un’s lavish and whimsical pastimes

The North Korean leader’s pastimes aren’t limited to riding armored trains between Pyongyang and Moscow. Kim Jong Un is not content to launch missiles and nuclear submarines at his leisure. The controversial and ambitious ruler has many interests, especially expensive ones. Alongside the long list of hobbies is an even longer list of supernatural abilities that North Korean media claim Kim possesses.

Kim and the basket

Kim Jong Un has been interested in basketball since he was a student in Swiss schools. Since he was not a social kid surrounded by friends, this sport became his obsession. Instead, despite his weight and height, he played the game, which was not effective. He filled the walls of his room with pictures of the American player Michael Jordan and was known among his classmates for his huge collection of sports shoes.

Kim Jong Un as a child in photos broadcast by North Korean state television (Epa).

Schoolmates who spoke to British media earlier said Kim was a nervous player who loved to compete and hated losing. When he didn’t take “no” for an answer, and his childhood hero Michael Jordan declined his invitation to visit Pyongyang in 2011 after taking over from his father, he instead called Dennis Rodman on Jordan’s Chicago Bulls team. .

Kim Jong Un and his friend, American basketball player Dennis Rodman (AP)

In 2013, the world remembers how Rodman broke through the thick, high iron wall between his country and Pyongyang. He was warmly welcomed and ended his historic visit by telling Kim: “You have a friend for life.” Human rights organizations have criticized him for this statement. But Rodman didn’t care, he returned to North Korea, renewed his friendship with Kim, and publicly celebrated his birthday, singing “Happy Birthday, Dear Marshall” to him.

Love of horses

Kim Jong Un is a master of the media game and uses the language of images as part of his propaganda, often appearing on horseback. In a 2019 media blitz, he reportedly climbed North Korea’s highest peak on a white horse. In a documentary aired on North Korean television in 2021, he appeared again within the same framework.

White horses have their identity in the country as founding grandfather Kim Il Sung is said to have ridden a white horse to fight wars against Japanese colonialism before and after World War II.

Kim Jong Un often rides a white horse in propaganda campaigns (AFP).

Fleets of luxury cars

In addition to Kim’s horses, armored train and private plane imported by the dozen from Russia, the North Korean leader adds a large fleet of expensive cars to his famous means of transportation. According to circulating press reports, his collection includes two Maybach cars, a fleet of Mercedes and several Rolls Royces and Land Rovers.

In addition to trains, planes, cars and horses, there is a boat worth $6 million, according to information published by the British newspaper “The Telegraph”. The boat will be Kim’s means of transportation to his private island, where he spends his vacations.

Dennis Rodman, who visited the island with his friend Kim, reveals that it has a soccer field, another basketball court, several swimming pools and a water sports resort, and boats near which Kim’s private parties are held. .

Kim Jong Un loves luxury cars and has a huge collection of them (dpa)

Million dollar luxury budget

Kim Jong Un leaves nothing to chance. The honor in which he was immersed in childhood and youth, during the times when his people were plunged into starvation and poverty, never forsook him at any stage of his life and reign. In 2014, a United Nations report concluded that the Pyongyang regime was buying large quantities of expensive goods. The report revealed that Kim had built a ski resort and an equestrian center, pointing out that North Korea’s ruling elite had imported several expensive cars, more than 35 pianos and an array of advanced recording equipment.

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According to the report’s figures, the ruling regime spent about $645 million on luxury goods in 2012, the first year of Kim III’s reign. Kim inherited this penchant for luxury from his father, but he surpassed him in spending. If he loves someone and is satisfied with him, he will give him expensive watches, rare wine, fur coats and jewelry.

Kim Jong Un on Private Plane (North Korean News Agency)

Food, movies and songs

Cigarettes are probably the only thing that Kim does not import, as he smokes a lot of locally produced tobacco. However, the rest of the food and drink is brought in large quantities from abroad to the warehouses of his palaces. According to reports circulating about the North Korean leader, he is a fan of alcoholic drinks and is only satisfied with expensive drinks. It imported $1 million worth of liquor in 2016 alone.

On his dinner table, Swiss cheeses are a staple, and he has loved them since he was a student in Switzerland. When it comes to lunch, lobster and caviar are two dishes that are always present.

Kim Jong Un inspects homemade food products (AFP)

Entertainment plays a big role in Kim’s life. His palace has a thousand-seat theater. He may use it for his grand party gatherings, but its main purpose is to watch his favorite movies like “Godzilla” and the works of Jackie Chan. Kim’s interest on screen extends to computers and video games, a hobby that has been with him since childhood, according to sources close to him.

Then comes the music, and the North Korean leader does not ignore it, on the contrary, he goes so far as to establish a girl band and choose its singers himself, and he even named the band “Morenbang”.

Super talented

In addition to his realistic hobbies, according to his country’s media and the beliefs of his people, Kim has supernatural properties and abilities. For example, he reportedly drove a car for the first time at the age of three, and took part in a sailboat race at the age of nine. The story was marketed that he and a team of archaeologists had found a cache of the legendary rhinoceros.

Kim’s legendary talents spanned all fields. He and a team of North Korean scientists discovered a “miracle” drug in which a single dose could cure AIDS, some types of cancer, the common cold, the effects of aging and many other ailments.

Kim Jong-un atop North Korea’s highest mountain, Bagdu (AFP)

At the height of these supernatural powers, North Korean state television announced that on a harsh winter day, as soon as the “leader” climbed one of the snow-capped peaks, the storm subsided and the sun shone. Thus, his media assertions suggest that Kim can control nature.

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