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What does eye tears mean without reason? Here are 8 indicators



What does eye tears mean without reason?  Here are 8 indicators

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — Eye tears are usually associated with crying due to sadness, fear or anxiety or any reason related to human emotions.

But what if the tears aren’t related to feelings and are a symptom of a specific medical condition?

Tears of unknown cause may refer to:

Allergic conjunctivitis

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America states that allergic inflammation of the conjunctiva—the membrane that covers the eye—is a reaction to various allergens. This inflammation leads to many symptoms including watery eyes.

Cold and flu

A cold or flu can be a cause of watery eyes, an article published on scientific research site PubMed pointed out that common symptoms of colds and flu are watery eyes, high temperature and nasal congestion.

Dysfunction of the sebaceous glands

In another article published by the scientific review site PubMed, one of the functions of the meibomian glands, which are sebaceous glands located at the edge of the eyelid, is to secrete lipids necessary to prevent and maintain tear evaporation. Equilibrium of ocular surface.

And if these glands are blocked or if there is any deficiency and disturbances in them, and when the fat layer in the water membrane of the tears decreases, this will lead to an increase in the evaporation of the tears. Following an increase in their compensatory secretions, according to those posted on the site.

Blockage of tear ducts

The official website of Coventry University Hospital for the National Health Service in Britain showed a link between tear duct blockage and increased tear secretion. Excessive tear production is usually caused by blockages in the drainage ducts.

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The tear ducts are small tubes that drain tears, and if the tear duct becomes blocked and leads to inflammation of the lacrimal sac next to the bridge of the nose, painful swelling can occur, leading to tearing.

The condition can be dangerous if the large amount of tears causes severe symptoms, and a new tear duct can then be created with a surgery called “nasal tear fragmentation.”

Drooping of the eyelid from the eye

According to the Royal Melbourne Children’s Hospital website in Australia, drooping or inward eyelids or any other eyelid problems can cause tears.

The most important signs and symptoms of eyelid drooping are drooping of the eyelid, drooping of one or both eyelids, leading to increased tear flow and, if the drooping is severe, interference with vision.

Dry eye syndrome

It may sound strange, but dry eye syndrome is often associated with tearing. This is because dry eye stimulates the lacrimal glands to produce irritating and uncomfortable tears, which can flood the tear drainage channels in the eye, according to the National Health Service (NHS) website in the United Kingdom.

Bell’s palsy

Bell’s palsy is a neurological disorder that causes temporary paralysis or weakness on one side of the face, according to the website of the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke in the United States.

As the company points out, one of the nerves that control the muscles in the face is injured, or it may stop working altogether, and one of its main symptoms is tears from one eye.

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Certain medications and cancer treatments

And taking certain medications affects the flow and volume of tears in cancer patients, according to a study published on the US National Health Service website that aimed to evaluate clinical features and treatment outcomes in patients who complain of tears after receiving it. chemotherapy, and included 17 patients with a mean age of 14 and 62 years, with a mean follow-up period of 9.6 months.

At the time of parenteral examination, the study showed total tear flow in 29.4% of patients, partial tear flow in 55.9% of patients, and no tear flow in 14.7% of patients.

Another study published by the site involving 11 patients receiving a treatment as an adjuvant treatment after surgery for stomach cancer showed that only 6 of the 11 patients had an increase in tear volume after taking the treatment. .

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Ministry of Health reveals number of coronavirus infections within a week



Ministry of Health reveals number of coronavirus infections within a week

Today, Friday, in its weekly bulletin, the Ministry of Health and Social Security (Covid-19) announced that a total of 205 new infections have been recorded, while no deaths have been recorded.

In its weekly bulletin of (Covid-19) results covering the period from September 16 to September 22, 2023, the ministry highlighted that the number of people vaccinated reached 24 million and the number of people who received the first dose reached 924 thousand 167. The number of people vaccinated with the second dose increased by 23 million to 426 thousand 39, and a total of 6 million 886 thousand 744 received the third dose of antiviral vaccine to 61 thousand 121. Those who received the fourth level of reminiscence.

The ministry added that since the first case was reported on March 2, 2020, the weekly “positive, new infections with the virus brought the number of confirmed infections in the Kingdom to one million, 276 thousand 635”. Rate” is approximately 5.6 percent.

Casablanca-Settat (62), Rabat-Salé-Kenitra (79), Fes-Meknes (12), Souze-Massa (18), Beni Mellal-Kenifra (10) and The. Orient Region (2). , Marrakesh-Safi (20), Dra-Tafilalet (1), and Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima (1).

With no deaths reported in the past week, the total number of deaths is estimated at 16,297 (a general mortality index of 1.3 percent).

The total number of active cases reached 250 and one active case was registered during the same period.

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Solidarity launches campaign for early detection of cervical cancer and reproductive health



Solidarity launches campaign for early detection of cervical cancer and reproductive health

By Medhat Wahba

Friday, September 22, 2023 01:21 PM

Social Unity Minister Dr. Nevin Al-Kabaj began his journey to Alexandria Governorate today, Friday, to launch the campaign.A journey of a thousand kilometersBy opening the “Reproductive Health and Early Detection of Cervical Cancer” clinic, the focus is on early detection of cervical cancer and reproductive health..

The Minister of Social Unity confirmed that the “Thousand Kilometer Journey” is scheduled to start today from Alexandria Governorate and continue for two days, from there to 9 Governorates of Beni Souf, Minya, Assiut and Sohaq. , Qana, Luxor and Aswan for two days in each governorate, and finally its activities will end in Cairo Governorate on January 5th and 6th next year..

Al-Kabbaj added that the trip targets three activities, the first of which is related to awareness, where social pioneers in those governorates will be trained to improve awareness and their medical awareness. The second part of the trip is related to training the medical staff of the clinics. In these governorates, “Reproductive Health and Early Detection of Cervical Cancer” has been prepared, where doctors and nurses will be trained on the use of various family planning methods. and the use of the cervical speculum to ensure the delivery of clinical care with high efficiency through workshops and clinical conferences..

The third part of the campaign is economic empowerment, as a bazaar will be established in each governorate where the campaign travels with the aim of promoting their products to women producers and small enterprises..

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Scientists are tracking a tree in Brazil that was thought to have died out 185 years ago



Scientists are tracking a tree in Brazil that was thought to have died out 185 years ago

I retired at 100… A centenarian talks about the importance of “being busy at work” to live a long life.

Madeleine Balto recently retired at the age of 100, having worked for more than 80 years – from the age of 18 to 99. According to a CNBC report, Balto believes work has contributed to his longevity.

Balto says of his previous job: “It kept me busy, and I enjoyed the work… As for retirement, I don’t really like it.”

The Balto family started an electric sign manufacturing business in Chicago, with Madeline responsible for office work. She often interacted with customers and it was her favorite job.

She said: “I loved interacting with people… and I was the only one in the office doing all the office work, so it was fun.” “I loved going to work.”

An 85-year-old Harvard University study found that positive relationships make people happier and help them live longer. For this reason, it is not surprising that Balto places a strong emphasis on the importance of family and friends.

Assistant Professor of Medicine and Genetics and Director of Human Lifespan Studies at the Albert Einstein Institute for Aging Research, Dr. Sophia Melman says. College of Medicine.

At 100, Balto maintains his sense of community by going out to dinner with his sons and attending family events. Finally attended a wedding earlier this month.

She also likes going to the Dunkin’ Donuts branch every Sunday with her son to meet friends. “I look forward to it every week,” he says.

Balto affirms that she is lucky; Because she has some friends of the same age who often come to her house for lunch.

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She added: “They always invite me over and come over for lunch on Wednesdays at 12pm… we have fun together… without your friends, where are you, right?”

While maintaining healthy relationships is an important factor in living longer, there are other factors that contributed to Balto’s longevity.

First, Mellman says, “In general, women’s life expectancy is longer than men’s…and we believe that genetics also has a significant relationship with longevity.”

In fact, Balto’s older sister lived to be 103 years old. “But she and I are the only ones who lived over 100 years,” she says, referring to her parents, who died at 84, and her sisters, who didn’t live very long.

I grew up on a vegetarian diet

Aiming to stay active, Balto says, “I’m still getting around better. I can walk up the stairs. I have energy; “so I’m in pretty good shape.”

She also tries to eat as healthy as possible, something that started in her childhood, she explains: “When I was a child, there were seven children in the family, and my father was building a big garden, so we lived mostly. On vegetables. “There wasn’t a lot of meat, we couldn’t afford meat.”

“I think that’s probably why I eat healthier,” she adds. Don’t eat fast food now.

Millman says centenarians are generally more confident, and Balto fits that description. He says it’s unclear whether centenarians are always positive, or whether they develop their positive outlook as they age.

Balto says she doesn’t feel too nervous; Because “everything can be solved.” She continues: “I’m very lucky; As I am 100 years old, I am in good health… I cannot complain about my health. “I’m walking, talking, no pain.”

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