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Sharjah: Ashraf Ibrahim
There is a loneliness that pulls writers and creators into hidden places far away from their writing style, putting barriers between them and ink and paper, sometimes making them feel useless, or that the waters of creativity stagnate. unhappy, or the breaking of writing brings them new dreams, and makes them feel that a spirit may send them, which is different, and the state of return depends on an unusual idea, but in any case, when the senses of the fingers surrender to solitude, and the soul becomes without thought or imagination, or A chance to reopen the box of surprises and return with a burst of creativity?

What kind of train is it that takes writers away from the experiences that establish their existence on the cultural plane and speeds them up, surrenders them to the loathsome loneliness within them, and keeps them from flying into the realm of letters? And ideas, so what is this unmediated solitude? It may bring peace to some of them, and to others it may create burning times without answer or explanation for these impossible times when life passes them by, and they tire of what they want, find its tracks, follow its seasons. So when does the writer enter the isolation tent? It is certain that every creator has his reasons which make him unburdened by the breezes of writing, and the drawers which carry papers and words out of reach.

In this survey, some authors, authors and owners of various creative arts tell about a defining moment that prepares them for an unexpected isolation, in which they can be immune from the world, as Paul Auster says, or the parade can stop there. , and the lights and windows of the imagination are extinguished, and they are relieved from the sleeplessness of hearing about the morrow, an unknown announcer, or telling them to return to their usual works.

Step back and think

If the storyteller is isolated from the perspective of Ibrahim Mubarak, writers can create unimaginably great things that fall into its trap by force. Surprisingly, for every creator, it is useful in his eyes, and it deserves to be a refuge. At times, especially the writer’s distance from the hustle and bustle of life creates a distance between the useless and the thinking mind like the writer who needs to be isolated to write a different opinion, and Mubarak practices the art of isolation. About himself in the intervening periods, because it was a crack and a separation, and the deliberate abandonment of the writer and the denial of his history and creativity, especially as he was known in the cultural life, poets and writers lived a long isolation, which lasted more than 10 years, but its beauty in the end, like isolation They returned with thought-provoking creativity; It would have restored the writer as such; Embrace his conditions in creativity and look at knowledge from another angle.

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The smell of leaves

Novelist Moza Awad sometimes needs moments away from words and the smell of leaves, so she searches for new wisdom, or a vision in her mind to rethink her creative reality, and she praises solitude. Sometimes, for half a year, she is unable to take a book from one of the library shelves, because it plunges her into grief and makes her sit in the midst of cloudy storms. That he withdraws from cultural participation. She could not bear to be far from the story familiar to her and at the same time close to the circle of literary conversations in creative clubs with intellectual activities on the open side of life to get the book.

And she finds isolation on some writers; It blocks them from the light of writing and its metaphors, so it locks them in a box far from the responsibilities of writing and its editorial burdens, and some of them can return to life with greater speed and freedom in choosing another path. Another writing that doesn’t measure up to what has been written before.

Another strange thing

To become a doctor. Muhammad Yusuf, whose scholarly contributions are featured in books on this art, retired from his arts following the paths of creativity for about 9 years, during which another strangeness prompted him to travel. He was famous for art, so he looked for a new home that would bring him back to writing in a different way, through which he explores the dream of new joys; After he did his best to create a work of art that met with this person’s disapproval, he was criticized by a man, so he decided to isolate him and make way for a new memory in the process. , so that he presented his experiences after lean years, so that his new works became a voice and echo for all, even in his writings that he created, in the light of his art, gave him the opportunity to depart from what was familiar to him. Here he traces the strength imposed on the creator from isolation and its volitional dimension, concluding that it allows those who seek refuge in him to be alone with him and withdraw himself from the negative environment. On a wider horizon it stretches the shadows, so the soul regains its individuality.

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Lamp light

He philosophizes about isolation and its purposes in the life of writer Jamal al-Shehi. He places it in a circle that suddenly shuts off the fuel of a writer’s creativity, disrupts the culture of knowledge, the lamp that guides thought with its overwhelming light, and allows writing to spread widely. Besides, there are those who opt for seclusion after publishing a couple of works and feel that he has nothing new and that what he has to offer is neither fattening nor appetizing. One who cannot wonder has no existence for himself. Aloof, away from all the lights, until he finds a new idea that gives him hope to bring joy to others, he resents the moody writers who don’t take literature seriously and finds himself more isolated than they are. Others, so their isolation is for unknown reasons. Moreover, he believes that isolation can be a real motivation for some writers to discover a new aesthetic effect, this isolation does not last long, so that cognitive dimensions develop in their natural places. Without elaborating on the idea of ​​long isolation.

Word memory

The writer Abdullah Al-Kaabi believes that a truly creative person is isolated when he decides to break free from writing, and from details that tire him of evoking an idea and weaving it in a way, when feelings of suffering arise in him from continuing to work in his surroundings, he longs for another kind of freedom, so He immerses himself in some things. In contrast to what he did in the literary life lived by letters and illusions, this type of writer is taken by other scenes in life, to return to creativity that can create them in a larger circle than they imagined, they boldly decide to renew the water of wonder in solitude, but return to the representation of the real heart beat. For those who rest without going, their absence is a rupture that separates them from their talents. Al-Kaabi lived in seclusion for about a year, but he returns with deeds worthy of cutting the cord of his silence. For he praises isolation and at the same time denigrates its conditions, and he feels that it is like cutting off his grace.

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It imprisons the highest art of existence in obstinacy and disobedience, as it compels the Mutasila to anyone who voluntarily chooses it, to benefit from it and to know himself in its times. He has the ability to re-tweet, thus allowing him to intercede with his fans among readers, intellectuals and his peers in the creative arena. A warrior’s rest

For the international poet Ismail al-Balushi, the solitude of the poet is enough for him because it can draw him into a close relief, if unlike others the return with poetic words is a warrior’s gap, or the desire to find something else in writing, to find something lost in it. Notebooks of Days; For when the poet is isolated from his cultural environment, he conforms to another nature that redeems itself. And he speaks of the loneliness of the poet precisely because he believes that poets alone do not descend into absolute solitude when they believe it. The intuition of poetry does not dry up for them over time, and as it grows over time, it may happen that the poet becomes isolated and relegated to a neglected position unfit to bring forth anything new. College, his library, papers, pens and shadows of his poems.

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