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Who is Exempted from Health Service Fees in Kuwait and Reasons for Exemption?


For those who are exempted from health service fees, asking about them, the Kuwaiti government has announced a set of measures aimed at providing health care to eligible people after deciding to raise various fees for services such as health services. and other types of services such as gas and electricity, after reviewing each case.

Exemption from health service charges

For those who are exempt from health service charges, they are:

  • Children living in Kuwait and under 12 years of age, suffering from cancer, are exempted from health service charges.

  • Similarly, a Kuwaiti’s wife, a Kuwaiti’s mother is a non-Kuwaiti, and a Kuwaiti is married to a non-Kuwaiti.

  • All residents of care and accommodation facilities and non-Kuwaiti prison inmates are exempt from health service charges.

  • Citizens, stateless persons and official representatives of the Cooperation Council are also exempted.

  • Exempted from health service charges are students receiving subsidies from the Ministry of Education and commuters

  • Apart from the blind, workers employed by the Ministry of Health, their children and their spouses, from charges such as radiology and nuclear medicine, in hospitals affiliated to the Ministry of Health.

  • Disabled people are treated the same as Kuwaiti nationals, and in addition to domestic workers, they are fitted with artificial limbs at the same rate as health services, without any increase.

  • Patients are specifically exempted from tests for infectious diseases.

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Reasons for Exemption of Certain Categories

Exemption from health service charges

As for the reasons for exemption from health charges for certain categories, they are as follows:

  • To reduce the budget deficit, the government implemented a decision to increase fees for various services for foreigners from non-exempt cases.

  • In addition to the increase in the prices of petrol, diesel and other services such as water and electricity for residents of the State of Kuwait.

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How much is the clinic fee in Kuwait?

One dinar per night in private rooms for Kuwaitis, fifty dinars for room insurance, another five for private rooms for residents, and about four hundred dinars for private rooms.

Who is the owner of Kuwait Hospital?

The owner of this hospital is businessman Mahmood Haider.

Which is the largest hospital in Kuwait?

The largest hospital is Jaber Al-Ahmad Hospital, a public hospital located within the State of Kuwait, classified as the largest hospital not only in Kuwait but in the entire Middle East region, ranking sixth in the world. The total area of ​​the hospital is 720,000 m2, while its height is 65 m.

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