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Whoopi Goldberg in a new movie…comedy


American actress Whoopi Goldberg (Variety Magazine)

Sunday 3 September 2023 / 15:02

Despite the Hollywood strike, American actress Whoopi Goldberg and British actor Jeremy Irvine are continuing to film their scenes in the comedy “Leonardi & Company,” which will be shot entirely in Italy.

The production company is accredited by the Cinematographers Guild of America

According to the magazine “VarietyGoldberg and Irwin, the two heroes of “Leopardy & Co,” received permission from the American Cinematographers Guild because the film was shot entirely in Reganati, the birthplace of one of the great Italian poets, Giacomo. In return, they will not be allowed to participate in the premiere of the film if the date coincides with the continuation of the strike.

Story of the film

In the film, Whoopi plays the agent of an American actor (Irvine) who gets a lead role in the life story of the Italian poet Leopardi, however, as the actor knows nothing about the poet, a young man. An Italian woman (Denis Dantucci) is assigned to inform him, and they fall in love.
The film, shown in Italian and English, was produced by Eagle Pictures French-Tunisian director and producer Tarek Ben Ammar and directed by Italian Federica Biondi.

Despite the strike

Ben Ammar’s Eagle Pictures is one of Italy’s largest independent film distributors, thanks to its contracts and collaborations with Paramount and Sony Pictures, which exclusively controls Italian cinemas.
In a statement to Variety, Ben Ammar pointed out that even with the strike, he has many works in the works with big directors and stars who want to make European films.

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The film’s two heroes are brief

Whoopi Goldberg is considered one of the most popular Hollywood comediennes and has won many awards, most notably an Oscar for her performance in the 1985 film “The Color Purple,” which is completely out of comedy. black girl
As for his most recent work, in the cinema it was the police comedy Till in 2022, and in the same year on television he presented the new season of the sci-fi series “Star Trek” after his last participation in the series in 1993.
As for Jeremy Ermin, he made his name in the war movie “War Horse” (2011) and in 2012, played the role of Philip in the film adaptation of the famous novel “Great Expectations”. In 2013, he gained great fame in the movie “Railway Man” due to the brutality of the torture scenes, and later he received many offers, and he gave many works in cinema and television.

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