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1-3 exemptions from “paper-based” exams and assessment for 4 students


Dubai: Mohammed Ibrahim

The Emirates Foundation for School Education has made a number of amendments to the guidelines for the first semester exams for 2021-2022, exempting students in grades 1-4 to 1-3 from the final exams of the first semester. , And fourth grade students take the exam as a center and distribute the paper to schools.

As 12 students start racing with physics, the exams for the first semester ending for students in grades 4-12 are scheduled to continue from next Thursday, November 18th until November 29th. , Taking into account the cancellation of time limits for exam questions for all grade students.

In a circular sent to government and private schools, the foundation stressed the importance of students in grades 1-4 attending the exams during the daily class schedule, as well as next December 5-9. .

He said there were no final exams in the first semester in groups A and B for students 1-3 and the performance appraisal of the students depended on the development assessment carried out by the teacher and in accordance with the central directives contained therein. The evaluation guides available at the LMS learning site, if the quality is monitored, have an evaluation of the final evaluation field generated in the Al-Manhall system at “100 degrees”.

He stressed that the examination would be center and paper for the fourth class students and would be distributed to the schools on the date of the examinations and if the answer forms were sent through the Al-Manhal system, the quality of the final classes would be increased. The semester exam is manually monitored in the grade book by the teachers in the final assessment box in a “100-degree” manner. The student completes the daily class schedule after completing the daily exam period.

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Within the general guidelines included in the exam schedule, the Foundation stressed the need for 5-12 students to bring their computers to school during the exam period, and the use of calculators for first- and second-graders is prohibited. This is allowed for third cycle students.

He said the total time for the electronic exam was “one and a half hours” and was not defined by the question paragraph time limits and students were required to follow all the procedures in the official school uniform and school preparation guide. Will be applied at the end of the first semester examination.

The Foundation has set a deadline of November 7 to 17 for the submission of final assignments and plans for Group B subjects, emphasizing the importance of forming a committee to manage school examinations, chaired by the school director, and creating technical responsibilities, and monitoring and monitoring committees to ensure that all administrative and examinations are conducted in an orderly and orderly manner; One visitor for every 15 students in the halls, one visitor for every 4 halls, the task of controlling the number of students who do not come is an excuse, and prepare the exam delivery report that the student will sign after the exams have been delivered and specify the delivery time.

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