March 28, 2023

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$ 1,000 .. The price of a key chain made from the wreckage of a Russian warplane

$ 1,000 .. The price of a key chain made from the wreckage of a Russian warplane

“Many of my friends told me that no one would pay a thousand dollars for this coin. This is insane,” said Yuri Vesuen, founder of Drones for User.

“I woke up in the morning to find that $ 20,000 to $ 30,000 had already been accumulated on my phone.

And tell Ukrainian army He shot down a two-seater Russian warplane Sukhoi-34In early March, Russian forces attempted to occupy the area over the town of Borodianka, northwest of Kiev.

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine released photos of the wreckage, which contained the code number of the aircraft FR-81251, which had the symbol “31 red”.

After the Russians retreated to focus on military operations in eastern Ukraine, Vesuvius asked the region’s guards to retrieve some of the rubble scattered on the farmland.

He added that soldiers had told him that two pilots had been killed. Among the rubbish displayed by the ministry is a pilot’s helmet.

The advertising agency Vesuvene’s keychain is a rectangular piece about ten centimeters long, part of which is stamped. FuseIt is then designed, polished and printed with information about the aircraft with the words “thank you” to the buyer. Each rectangular piece has a hole for inserting the grating, and a unique serial number.

“What makes this keychain special is that we created it The wreckage of the Russian plane True … this is a truly unique gift to those who helped us. “

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