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11 new poisoning cases in Ajlun .. What is the story of poisoning cases in Jordan?


Jordanian Medical Source Today Saturday, 11 suspected cases were admitted to the Al-Iman Government Hospital in the governorate of Azloun, where 4 people were discharged, and all the cases lying in the Shifa family remain stable.

Jordanian Health Minister Dr. Fras al-Hawari visited the Gerash Government Hospital this morning and examined the health of nine other children who were admitted to the hospital early Saturday morning with suspected symptoms of poisoning. During the visit, he met with the Director of Al-Hawari Hospital, the Director of Environmental Health and the doctors overseeing cases where poisoning is suspected and allowed, and instructed them to provide full health services. According to the “Roya News” website.

The Jordanian health minister noted that the new addition to the hospital may have been caused by the Shigella germ, as new cases came after a three-day break from previous admissions, so the spread of these cases may have been caused by at least one person or another person living within the same family in the past among people living within the same residential premises. .

Despite this, Al-Hawari added that teams from the Ministry of Health have been taking more samples since dawn today to clarify whether this is the result of the spread of the virus to those infected with the secondary outbreak.

Al-Hawari explained that the Shigella virus is considered to be one of the most contagious, and that children and the elderly are more likely to be infected. Except in severe cases should be treated with antibiotics, which calls for a clinical picture.

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He pointed out that the germ is usually active in the fall and, if present, spreads to humans through water and food, and that it is spread through contact from one body to another through protective measures and washing hands, vegetables and fruits. Among the most important pillars to control the spread of this infection after the initial poisoning.

Dr Sadiq al-Adum, director of Zerash Hospital, said 11 people were admitted to the hospital early on Friday and Saturday morning and 11 suspected cases of poisoning were admitted to Zerash Government Hospital as their general condition was stable. .

He explained that from Monday to Wednesday there were 58 cases since the onset of the suspected poisoning and they all came out.

The results of tests performed on some patients showed the presence of Shigella germs.

For his part, the Director of Environmental Health, Dr. Ayman Magale, said the ministry has taken all necessary steps, including epidemiological investigation and testing for possible evidence of infection, and has taken samples from all water sources in the area.

He noted that the initial results of the water samples were good and that it was necessary to follow the results of the microbes and fungi and that new samples would be taken until evidence of infection was found.

In turn, the chairman of the parliamentary health committee, Dr. Ahmed al-Sarrahna, said that 9 to 11 cases had been referred to Zerash Government Hospitals and Azlaun after being infected with the “Shigella” virus.

Al-Sarahna added that the Ministry of Health had taken about 1,000 food and water samples from various private and government sites, stating that the source of the virus was unknown.

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Competent officials of the Department of Infectious Diseases and Infectious Diseases pointed out that they will work to take samples from the blue water, to confirm that this germ is not in the tank, until now the Ministry of Health has not been able to determine the direct cause of the “Shigella” germ and the location of the infection.

He explained that it was doubtful that water was the source of the germ, and that most private and government sites and even all food outlets had negative results from them and that there were no germs.

Al-Sarahna assured the citizens not to be afraid of the “Shigella” germ, saying it is an intestinal germ and it will be controlled.

Also noted that it causes vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain and high temperature, personal hygiene rules must be followed to prevent it from spreading from one person to another.


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